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The concept of a magazine specifically for people living in Fujairah had been an idea of mine since my early days of living here. At one time a lady called Eileen (I’m sure many long-time residents will remember her) wrote a weekly column in the Khaleej Times dedicated to life on the East Coast. Well all talk and no action and the years drifted by until I found myself unexpectedly out of work in summer 2001. Several lengthy discussions later and with the necessary ‘drive’ from a friend who became our charismatic Editor – Jo Puddy-Wells – we set work on creating the first copy of East Coast Life.


It wasn’t long before the East Coast Life caught the attention of His Highness Sheikh Hamad who generously lent his support financially and encouraged local businesses to support the magazine. Following this we made the decision to focus on Fujairah and changed the name from East Coast Life to Fujairah Observer.


Since starting this magazine we have developed a network of advertisers, supporters and contributors that has enable us to publish throughout the last eight years.