Feature » Hilton Fujairah checks out for the last time

Hilton Fujairah checks out for the last time

Hiltonbeach20y jpgWhen talking to anyone in the Emirates or even internationally about locations in Fujairah inevitably the Hilton Fujairah would be mentioned, either as a destination or a rendezvous so we at the Fujairah Observer have decided to share some of our Facebook comments about this iconic hotel.


Ajeesh Ak Aji Why?


Samar Adili very bad news really it's my only destination in Fujairah


Mohammad Azeem Very sad


Oubay Ye Ye Hilton checks out


Justin Sunny I was part of Hilton Fujairah for the past 10 years. Couldn't have hurt more to see them go, but at the same time a hope that they will come back stronger.


Joyno Goldygold Manay CChris PDizon...we can't visit again in the summer days


Nawar Rehawi I have grown-up in this lovely place since 1994, until the last few days I was still an active member. Different management went and came, different visitors faces. But same lovely sunny beach, beautiful swimming pool with great tennis courts. Talking about swimming pool reception, Naier was a strict strong man for years, under the supervision of Chris. Next to Naier, Benny took over until the date of closer. He was very strict in following rules but with a friendly personality. In fact we will all miss that place and it's staff. Let's hope it will come back stronger and more beautiful, but memories will never be there.


Gabriel Greenspan As Trump would say: sad


Donna Wilson Wow! Lots of memories of time spent at Fujairah Hilton!


Asha Asok I have lots of memories... since the day I was born my dad worked there and have enjoyed every bit of being part of the Hilton family. Loved their mini pizzas and birthday cakes... Hope whatever is happening is for the best


Hiltonpool20y jpgAlyson Gibbons-Menzies It was my children's back garden and it's where the Fujairah Dolphins used to train.


Alyson Gibbons-Menzies And long nights of tennis with Stella Saunders 


Pauline Hunkin This is so sad - great memories of living in Al Ain in the 90s and going off to the Fujairah Hilton for the weekend several times a year. A wonderful getaway for us back then.


Sheri Gangluff How sad! In March 1995, I spent my first beach holiday on the Gulf at the Fujairah Hilton. We arrived and it was getting dark but I just had to walk out to the beach and wade in the water at the shoreline. Imagine my shock when I went to rinse the sand off my feet and they were covered in black petroleum residue! Unfortunately, the sign indicating to beware of that had fallen over so I didn't see it. Nonetheless, I had a wonderful stay.


Thomas Smith What a shame. I went there several times while I was living in Al Ain and have many fond memories. One evening, I was having a drink with a friend and started to have a bit of a walk on the wet sand near the shoreline. Suddenly, hundreds and hundreds of little, pale, ghostly little crabs washed up with a wave and were scrambling all around me in the moonlight. What more could a Cancerian ask for?


Naomi Keir Oh no .... what are they thinking. Our go to place and kids played there all the time... no no no

Duane Heuser I will remember the outside bar and the good time we had visiting Paula…


Sharon McClean Loved our time in Fujairah, have many great memories of the Hilton, it was like our garden - was a great place and made many friends


TC Reyhan Armour Hilton was our backyard. Where will Benny go?


Stuart George When Sharon and Damian and family lived in Fujairah went over two years running with Lorraine and children! Had some great days and nights in the Hilton right on the edge of the Indian Ocean lovely people lovely memories lovely place.


Zara Qureshi Awwww what now  Hilton use to be like a second home when I was a toddler. So many jolly managers and staff - Mr. Matsakees, Mr. Chris Cook, Benny, Chris (RIP), Robert, Frank... such lovely people I remember they had gymnastics sessions when I was a kid and best part is as a kid I would look forward to Christmas parties at the Hilton, and for the past 3 years my niece who is 3 now had been regular at Christmas parties. Such lovely memories at Hilton 


Hiltonbar20y jpgIrmgard McClean Oh no!!!!!!!!!


Steffany Rendon I was always there weekdays and weekends with my children. It was lovely place where they could run, swim and play at the beach. I'm so sad that it closed down. There is no place like the Hilton here in Fujairah.


Renata de Rosayro Shame about the Hilton. It was dated however did a big service. It's a pity that they didn't just renovate part by part and keep it running.


Virginia Valentine When we arrived in Fujairah we told to go to the Hilton and we would meet everyone. The weekend (Wednesday/Thursday) would arrive and so would the whole of Fujairah. It was such a friendly place in those days. 



We hope you have enjoyed the comments and trip down memory lane - the days of a green pool and the famous thatched "Sailors Bar" and the days when there was a big beach. There's no doubt a lot of people have their own personal memories. Most will be happy memories and we will all be a little saddened by the closure of Hilton fujairah.


We can keep those fond memories and philosophically look forward to the future and the exciting new development Eagles Hills. A worthy replacement!


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