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Kim Baptiste - Sprinting to success

Kim2 jpg‘Always try to do your best because your best is the best you can do.’ Kim Baptiste, Fujairah March 2018


Kim Baptiste, an extraordinary ex pat, who lives in Fujairah and teaches here in UAE, speaks to Fujairah Observer magazine about athletics and her motivation. 


Kim moved to Fujairah in August to work as a Physical Education teacher for the Ministry of Education at Al-Hijrah Girls School in Kalba. Born in Guyana, South America and lived there until she was ten, her family then moved to the UK in 2003. As a child Kim loved sports, not so much athletics but cricket, basketball and table tennis. 


Speaking to Fujairah Observer magazine recently Kim tells us; 


'I was very sporty as a young child and loved being active. It wasn't until 2005 I took to athletics. There's a funny story behind how I got into athletics. - One day just at the park my step dad decided we should race, and surprisingly I won with a good distance between us, the next week or so, he signed me up to my local athletics club (Crawley Athletics Club) and I haven't looked back since. I still compete for Crawley AC and I am now the team captain. 


'My highest education is a BSc Sports coaching degree, I graduated from the University of East London in 2014. Before university I studied sports and science at college.'


Kim’s greatest achievement is both winning a national medal at the British Indoor Championships and since May/June 2016 while being self-coached, she started running under 23s in the 200m and finally broke her personal best since 2014 (23.86/23.66s - wind assist).  In 2017 Kim ran a huge personal best in the 200m (23.34s) and 100m (11.62s) and have ran under 24s consistently. The Fujairian ex pat confesses that it is however, 


‘Very hard to motivate yourself and stay focused while being self-coached.


‘Being self-coached and making such big improvements in my times in both 100m and 200m has been a great achievement for me.  Here in UAE I also train myself, write my own track and gym session plans.’


The magazine also learned that Kim trains at the track at Kalba football club. She paid homage to the staff and football coaches there who are always warm and welcoming.  Kim also uses the Arjaan Rotana hotel gym too.


On the subject of Diet and nutrition Ms Baptiste does not really have a strict diet/nutrition plan. She doesn’t eat fast food and it has been about six years since she did. Prefering to cook for herself, Kim explained, 


‘I tend to eat what I've cooked, I try to avoid eating out. I fill my diet with protein rich food, lots of meat! I'm not a healthy food guru so there's not much else I can say on this. 


Regarding what motivates the young athlete, Kim continued; 

Kimsprint jpg‘What motivates me is to keep making improvements with my sprint times! I just want to keep getting faster and then we'll see where that takes me. I also want to retain the 200m England Senior Championships title for the 3rd year running which will allow me to compete for England at the Manchester International Championships again.’


Clearly a star in both the 100m and the 200m her preference is the 200m;


‘Although the 100m is shorter and less painful than the 200m, I prefer the 200m. Only because my sprint time is a lot better in the 200m - I have a poor block start so I can make up for this in the 200m but not so much in the 100m.  


Kim admits that she doesn’t know much of the track scene here in the UAE. Races can be very hard to find and near none existent. She is aware of a few races in Dubai and Abu Dhabi which is put together by Ultimate Athletics but the competitive sides of those meets isn't the same as the UK and it's hard to find a competition here that will offer me the same competitive edge and push that I need/want.


She explained;


‘In the UK you could go to any county and find a good track, during competition season (indoor and outdoor) and you would have a variety of races to choose from especially in and around London. Track and field in the UK is like football here in the UAE although the UK is very fond of football too I am lead to believe!


‘I competed in Dubai January 25th at Ultimate Athletics race night in the 100m and 200m. I really wanted to push myself so I ran with the u17 boys and finished 1st in 11.43s. In the 200m I ran with the girls and clocked 24.09s (1st). - I was very fatigued after as the meet is held on Thursday evening and I have to race down to Dubai straight from work. I shall be competing again at the same event in Dubai soon.’


On a local level Kim was and is very complimentary about the UAE and Fujairah especially.  She told us that;


‘Fujairah is very relaxing and quiet and she liked that the beach is just a few minutes away and there's no traffic. 


In her free time Kim usually likes to spend it relaxing, reading and/or cooking. Occasionally she can be a bit more adventurous and venture into Dubai. Also may I add that I train five times a week-Sunday, Tuesday and Friday I train on the track, two hours sessions and Monday, Wednesday and Friday I train in the gym again for two hours. I don't have much free time as I work Sunday to Thursday. It is a very tiring schedule hence why I spend my weekends and spare time relaxing and doing nothing.’


Finally, and after being wholly impressed by our very own ‘Florence Griffith-Joyner’; on our doorstep, Kim’s message to any aspiring athletes here is;


‘Do it for love. Keep reminding yourself that you love your sport or your team. That alone can be a powerful motivator. When it hurts think about how much you love it. When you've had a bad training session or competition, think about how much you love your sport. 


‘When you're looking at your idol on TV, think, why can't that be me? Why not me? Encourage yourself and have belief in your ability, push yourself to achieve your goals - whatever it may be. It won't come easy but the reward is a sweet self-victory! 


‘Always try to do your best because your best is the best you can do.’

Kim Baptiste Sporting fact file-

  • 2017 - Ran a massive 100m and 200m personal best of 11.62 & 23.34 respectively at the British Athletics Championships. 
  • Retained the 200m England Athletics Senior Championships title. 
  • Ranked 19th in the UK for the 100m and 14th in the 200m. 
  • 2016 - 200m silver medalist at British Indoor Athletics Championship. 
  • Won the 200m at England Athletics Senior Championships. 
  • Competed at Manchester International Champs in the 200m & 4 x 100m relay representing England. Ranked 22nd overall in the 200m. 
  • 2014 - 200m silver medalist at the 2014 BUCs indoor championships 200m bronze medalist at the 2014 BUCs outdoor championships 200m bronze medalist in the 2014 U23 championships Reached the finals in the 200m at the British Championships in 2014. Ranked 6th in the UK for U23 200m indoors, 9th for U23 outdoors, ranked 12th in the UK for U23 in 100m. 
  • 2013 - 200m inter-county gold medalist 2012 - BUCs 100m and 200m finalist 200m Sussex county champ gold medalist.


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