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Eyes on the Cake

It’s one of those days where everyone's’ suddenly gone mad. 2018 is already giving them a tough time, and they’re not having it. 


I feel so full sometimes after I eat. But that’s not the issue - the issue is that when people never get the sensation of fullness after they have had their share of the cake. And they always look at cakes that other people are eating. I don’t get it, really. 


As Ramadan is almost arriving to our front doors, we really need to look at two words: self-development and good wishes.


Self development is understood only to those who are self aware. It is crucial for us to feel the presence of ourselves inside of us. To feel and understand what it means to be subtle, thoughtful, unified, and peaceful. 


Good wishes - it’s so easy, yet most people prefer to spread awful vibes rather than good vibes across. It is more difficult being that way - you know that- right? 


What is the point of practicing in Ramadan if we are not present? The purpose of Ramadan is to rid our souls from all the developed hatred, bad thoughts, and everything that is stopping us from being our better self. When Ramadan leaves us, it should also leave us with a beautiful pure heart. 


This is the meaning of Ramadan. Let us try looking at it from this angle this time.


On another note, I’ve been rediscovering Fujairah with a bunch of friends, and of course, it is as beautiful as I remember it. Maybe even better. Here’s a photo of us in the sky while parasailing. 


Fujairah - ladies and gents. The place of beautiful things, and the place of where Sindiya lives, of course.


Sinparaglide jpgHave you been parasailing? Send me a selfie (if you were brave enough to take your phone with you in the air) - and I’ll post it on my instagram’s story @Sindiya23.


Until next time, Fajrawis.


Sindiya, The Sign.


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