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Happy Colours

Have you ever been furniture shopping and got stuck on which colour to choose? I get stuck on that level for a pretty long time.


So I’m shopping for a new sofa, and everything seems to be going great until I have that conversation with the salesman that goes something like this:

Salesman: which colour would you like for your new sofa?

Me: Hmm.. Give me 2 months to think about it and I’ll get back to you. 

Salesman: But Madam we wont have sale by that time.

Me: This is a very difficult decision for me. It’s your fault you have too many colours to choose from.

Salesman: Go for the grey Madam.


This is the sofa I’m looking at currently: 


SinSofa gifAnd these are the colours available:

SinFabric gifHelp me choose! This is why consumers are always unhappy with the product they buy, because there are many other options they could have chosen! Just help me choose - ok?

Why is it that when we buy something we think is in trend, we suddenly get this happy feeling, and we somehow feel better than when we didn’t have that thing? It’s the corporate world that controls us, my friends.

What does it mean to be happy anyway? Surely it’s not these ‘things’ that we buy. 

A good friend of mine, Hessa, started a great initiative about happiness and what it means to be happy, she is also the advocate of happiness in Fujairah which is pretty cool :) Here are a few pictures of reminding the employees at her work that being happy is as simple as sharing a smile with someone.

SinCoffee gif 

SinCoffee1 gifSinSmile gif


Photo courtesy: Hessa Al Falasy, Shaikha Al Mesmari, Shamaa.


Let us always remind ourselves that being happy should not be from things around us, but from within us. 

Let us know about your favourite colour when furniture shopping. 

You can reach me at @Sindiya23 - I’m a nice person. 

Until next time, Fajrawis,

Sindiya, The Sign.


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