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Only in Fujairah - Breakfast of Champions

It’s getting to that time where everyone is coughing around you it is almost impossible to escape from getting sick. I unfortunately caught the sickness and my bed and I were inseparable for a week. I sometimes look back at it and call it a short holiday from work, which was fun.


When I got sick, apart from watching Netflix all day, I looked forward to my morning meal that consisted of a cheese sandwich, and coffee with milk, a meal I’ve been deprived from ever since I started working. No one does it better than Edeno, Eden, and Florence. I call it the breakfast of champions. Because I’m a champion, of course.


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SinJA172 gifSince the weather is getting better, a wonderful group from Abu Dhabi visited Fujairah on the 2nd of December - they wanted to go some place cool, so we took them to it and they loved it: 

It was a wonderful way to spend the UAE National Holiday. Away from all the buzz and city noise, we got to enjoy a nice day out on the outskirts of Fujairah border, some of the members of the group even got to swim in crystal clear waters. The trip was facilitated by They even made a cool video about the trip that you can check on their Instagram: @fujtown



SinJA173 gifThis weather really makes you see the beauty in Fujairah and how much we take advantage of it. It saddens me to see people throw rubbish all over the place just because no one’s looking. 


You also know why I love December? Because It’s my birthday month, and I demand that everybody celebrate it just like any other national holiday. 


December is a month full of holidays, it’s giving us some time until New Years and then after that life will make us run again. For anyone celebrating Christmas, Merry Christmas, and a very happy New Year to everyone. 


I hope this coming year brings you joy, love, and endurance to carry on for what’s made ahead for you. We need to be strong, ask the right questions, and simplify our answers. Life is complicated as it is already, it’s try to make it less complicated. 


What I love about my job is meeting new people everyday, and discovering new places in the city that I love most. Anyone interested in seeing new places and meeting wonderful new people from different parts of the world can contact me for an upcoming trip. 


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You can nudge my instagram @Sindiya23.


Until next time, Fajrawis,

Sindiya, The Sign.



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