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Only in Fujairah - Do it now

SinBeach jpg“I know I have to do it, but I’ll do it later.” - are the words that will slowly eat your soul and vanish any part that resembles you from this planet.


It’s so easy to postpone things, but its not easy to actually get the job done after you postpone it. I’ve come across many people who ask me why and how is it that I manage my time with such a busy schedule. I tell them I’m not a superhero, and that whatever I’ve got they’ve also got - the only difference is the mindset of actually coming to do that thing at the time it was supposed to be done.


When you postpone something - in your mind - you are giving it less of a value, not matter what it is, even if it means to get rid of the empty bottles in your car. So when that task drops in value, it becomes less important for you to do, therefore you might not end up doing it at all. 


We also have to keep in mind that it is not just the value of the task that gets lost, we end up developing an awful habit of not getting anything done. Then telling the difference between big tasks and small tasks eventually diminishes, and it will be so hard for us to perform a task as tiny as making our beds. Do we really want it to come to this?


We can achieve so much - only by developing a proper habit of getting something done. We don’t want to end up like one of those people that literally say something like “Oh I wanted to do that 5 years ago, but I didn’t” - and they keep repeating this tape as an excuse to make them feel better for not doing anything at all.


So school students, college students - in your new academic year, try not to postpone anything - do it right that instant, because it is the right time for it. As for employees, it is shameful when I see someone working that cannot perform a simple 3-minute task. This means that they have reached that limbo period of not understanding the difference between big tasks and small tasks. Their mindsets are so hard at this point - nobody can change it from the outside unless they themselves change from the inside. And I really wish they realize this before it’s too late. 


On a different note, the weather is getting better. Get ready for a mild cold breeze! 


I’m really excited for what’s happening at the umbrella beach - I can’t wait to see it when the construction is complete! 


Sindiya gifMay this new academic year shower us with blessings, love, and the motivation to get the job done! :)


Until next time, Fajrawis, 

Sindiya, The Sign


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