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Only in Fujairah - Fancy Gowns and Mystical Nights

Thursday 31st May 2018

SinHarryMeg jpgEveryone’s been talking about Prince Harry and Ms Meghan’s royal wedding. And I’m just sitting here, eating a peanut butter coated cake, enjoying the show.


There are a few things I really enjoyed discovering whilst watching the wedding. The first thing was about how much love was in the air. I mean it wasn’t just one of those weddings where it was “something that we kind of have to do”. It was different, love was both felt and seen, and I found that adorable. 


Meghan’s make-up, wow. It appeared to be that she was not wearing any make up at all. On the contrary, our ladies here make sure that they look like a completely different person on their wedding day - almost unrecognizable. So the husband will have to scratch and win and see to his luck. Jokes, but really. 


I also liked the fact that it was quite spontaneous. It was simple, light, and a solid good break for the rest of the world to indulge in. That’s what I thought about it. 


So I was so excited about Ramadan. There’s this campaign I’ve been participating in with my team called 30 Days of Giving Challenge in Ramadan. So everyday, there’s a simple challenge that we all can do in order to be better people. I’ll talk about a few of the challenges that I enjoyed doing.


SinSmile jpgOn day 3, the challenge was “Smile from your heart”. Because now, its very difficult to see someone smile like they mean it. It’s very difficult to see a smile without a hidden agenda, a smile with literally no other meaning but to simply, smile. Have you seen such people around lately? Other than me, of course. 


On day 4, It was about “Forgive those who have wronged you”. Is it easy to forgive? Can we honestly forgive without holding any grudges? If I’d be talking about myself, I don’t remember what I’ve eaten yesterday so most probably I wont remember that I needed to forgive someone for something they’ve done, though really let’s think about it - if God forgives us when we haven’t asked for forgiveness, who are we as humans not to forgive easily? 


We carry so much pride within ourselves, but we forget that we are very small indeed. If we stop thinking about the details of what's bothering us and start looking at the bigger picture, it would make more sense, and you would be less angry about the whole thing. 


So - what’s stopping you from forgiving? 


Check out the winner of the challenge campaign on Facebook @fujtown.


Do you know about Laylat-AlQadr? Muslims believe that in the last 10 days of Ramadan, the Quran was revealed, and that the gates of the heavens are open, and all the angels are on earth to take note of our requests. One day of the last 10 days is Laylat-AlQadr. It’s been said that your prayers in this night is going to be achieved InshAllah. Let us pray. 


I hope that you all get what your heart desires, ladies and gents. And I hope that all your dreams materialize in front of your very eyes.


Enjoy your summer holidays! 

Until next time, Fajrawis,


Sindiya, The Sign.


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