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Only in Fujairah - Happy Olympics

Have you been a part of the Special Olympics this year? If not, it is the most rewarding experience - and I recommend it wholeheartedly. 


I’ve been a part of the organizing team by taking care of the Lebanon delegation with 2 other organizers at the Special Olympics. We picked them up from the airport and already I’ve started receiving a few hugs from the athletes. 


The next day in the morning at the hotel in Abu Dhabi, we took them to the cycling tracks, and I was amazed at how very well qualified & professional they are at cycling. My jaw almost dropped - It goes to say that the mentality we carry about special needs children are wrong on so many levels, and that it needs to change ASAP. 

SinViceroyAD jpg

Here’s a picture of the boys Mohamed and Mohamed, and their coach Samira while at the games - Hashtag #GOLEBANON! 

When I realized that nobody was taking care of the other cycling delegations from other countries, I embraced them all to leave nobody behind - and from there on, we felt more like a family. Here we are:


 SinSpecOlym jpgMore about happiness, it was World Happiness Day on the 20th - and I had the chance to be a part of the darkness room session with H.H. @greensheikh-blog among other wonderful happiness officers. The idea of this dark room is to show us that whenever we are in darkness, there's always light at the end of the tunnel. One of the people in the session said that even while we were in a completely dark room and it is pitch black, small rays of lights always appear out of nowhere - and that we just have to follow the light, and never remain in darkness.



The key to happiness is simply by being a good individual, and being compassionate towards the people around you, wishing yourself well, which will automatically force you to share positive vibes to everyone. It is about being in content with ones self - and having the emotional intelligence to understand life the way it is. You’re welcome. 

SinMirs jpg

During the games, I had the chance to meet with some friends, and Mirs was one of them - she says hello to all my readers: 


I would also like to send my special thanks to Dr Mariam Ketait - for your continuous compassion, your unlimited spreading of positivity, and for having crossed my lifes’ path - you’re a shining star. :) 

SinLoveDxb jpg

How was your Happiness Day? What did you do? Share your thoughts to @Sindiya23 - I’m not scary and I don’t bite - sometimes. 


Until next time, Fajrawis,

Sindiya, The Sign.


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