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Only in Fujairah - No Shame No Gain

Sometimes life throws people with bad intentions at you, so you would be wiser in picking who to trust later on. When that happens, I sometimes wonder.


I wonder how these people ended up the way they are, and why don’t they choose to better themselves. I wonder why they choose to be so negative when it is less stressful to be positive.


When you talk about how great ice cream is, they mention that they don’t like it because it melts in their mouths. I wonder, in their minds, do they realize how annoying and negative they sound?


When they talk about you to someone else. I wonder, do they feel bad about it? And the people who were with them, do they not stand up for justice, and say “No, you can’t say that”?


It’s very sad how the people closest to you can do most harm. This is why in my world, I choose friends because they cover you more than family members ever will. They stick with you, a bond that is stronger than sisterhood. I trust them with my life.


The disappointment is when people closest to you talk freely behind your back, but the biggest disappointment is that no one stood up for you, when you wholeheartedly expected them to. All this time I’ve sacrificed my time and effort to make their lives livable. Have they no shame?


Hypocrisy circulates around them like a heavy dark cloud, you can even see it in their eyes that they did you no good. A look that is lifeless but at the same time, they are terrified.


Terrified of you finding out. Well, it’s not hard finding out since the devil does not cover for your wrong doings. The devil does not cover for anyone.


This showed me that, although it would be a reflex to cover my loved ones, I shall consider… I shall consider standing up for them. It’s a cruel world and they have dawned it upon themselves.


Disappointed. At all the envy, jealousy, double standard, and bad intent that is all around us.


Excuse me readers, for this post, is not how I usually write.


sin jpgI owe you one.


Keep it real, Fajrawis, 

Sindiya, The Sign.


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