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Only in Fujairah - One Day at a Time

Am I really going to talk about new year resolutions again? Can I resist this urge? Of course I can’t. So here I go…


It’s going to be different this time though - I’m not really a fan of the full years’ resolution anymore. I’m a fan of one days’ resolution, because I actually do get quite plenty done when I think that I have 24 hours to do it rather than 8760 hours of the bloody full year.


I also don’t like the idea that we keep saying we’re gonna get so-and-so done next year but when next year comes, we think of getting anything and everything else done except for those things we said we would do!


Help me understand why do we behave this way? 

So I stopped having new year resolutions. It’s useless anyway.


SinBlackclouds jpgI was with a friend, Madiha, at Kalba beach the other day, and some kids that were there thought we were tourists, one of the kids asked us:


Kid: Where are you from?

Me: From Fujairah, your neighbour.

Kid: What are you doing here?

Me: We came to see the beautiful beach

Kid: Don’t you already have a beach there? 

Me: Ummm… Well..

Kid: Ok bye.


The kids got a point - we as human beings tend to look at other places to find things that we feel are lacking in our world, but if we look closer to what we have rather than look at what other people have, we will find the beauty in our own surroundings. 


We will find the beauty in any place we go, because we will have the beauty inside us reflecting on the outside world. So Madiha and I went off exploring what is in our surroundings, and we were fascinated. We even ended up in Oman. Here’s a picture of the soulful, extraordinary, solitary completeness - 



So my 2 cents of this article is, don’t plan for the next year, or next 6 months or even for the next month. Keep in mind a goal you want to achieve - then plan for the day, finish one task at a time.


It is these small tasks that get us to where we want to be. 


In my new year, I wish you all a fulfilling journey, and may we be surrounded by good people, people that care for us, don’t let anyone kill your vibe. May we work hard towards achieving that goal we’ve been aiming for, and may it appear closer to us the harder we work towards it. 


Remember, don’t aim for the stars, aim for what’s beyond that. 

sin jpgKeep it real, Fajrawis

Sindiya, The Sign.


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