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Only in Fujairah - Russia and the Youth

sinRussia2 jpgDo you know when you don’t necessarily have a good idea about a certain place and everyone around you thinks badly of it, but when you visit - it just makes you feel as if you’ve been living under a shell this whole time? I had that feeling when I visited Russia.


I visited the Festival of Youth & Students along with the UAE Youth delegation and I have to say that Russia is now one of the places I would very much revisit more than a dozen times. 


Why you might ask?


To start with, Russian people are simply awesome. I just love them. The older generation are very straight to the point, which I think many of us should adopt this trait, it can pass by as being rude sometimes but it really is the honest way to communicate and I like that. The younger generation are a little friendlier, but still get straight to the point, and are willing to help even if they don’t understand much English! I also saw a wonderful trait they all share, and that is unity. Even if they come from different regions, they pull themselves close to one another, and walk together no matter what it takes. 


With Russians, there is no time for hidden emotions - they say what they mean, but only if they know you well. If they don’t know you, they don’t talk much about their feelings and it doesn’t show in their expressions, and I love that about them. They put so much weight on the word “emotions” and that it is too valuable to just randomly spring it in conversation. 


Also, when they do talk, the words they choose are so beautiful, and the way they express it is as if they really as speaking from the heart, like I literally heard someone say that was translated into “your soul is a shining star in our universe” upon a normal sounding conversation. 


sinRussia jpgAnd of course, let’s not forget the wonderful taste of music I’ve come to know in all the restaurants I’ve visited, and the any place that plays music - such good taste and even though I don’t understand Russian, it’s so nice to listen to it. It’s time to update my playlist. Bottom line is, I fell in love with anything and everything Russian. And I feel disappointed at myself for having a completely different opinion of Russia before I experienced it. 


Here’s me with some of the wonderful volunteers of the event.


What about you - did you visit a place that broke the previous image you had of that place? 


Until next time, fajrawis, 

Sindiya, The Sign.


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