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Only in Fujairah - So big, yet so small

Ever come across a person that pretends to be all that talk but when they speak more of their opinions, you wonder how on earth they are still on level 1 in the game of life - while in their 20s? 


During my entrepreneurship years, I’ve come across so many people from different walks of life, and I know that we all have issues at one point or another, but I always get surprised with so many people when they so arrogantly dispose of their insecurities into the world, making them look like complete and utter idiots. 

SinTask jpgAlso, I find it troubling when someone asks for my help and thanks me profusely in front of my face, but when I’m not there, they tell everyone that I did not help them at all. This to me is the worst kind of person, because I believe that, among other things, the essence of being human is appreciating one another, especially if one receives major or even a tiny bit of help - this act of kindness should always be appreciated. People who don’t appreciate this are people who have no self worth.


Not that it bothers me - I mean I know that these people will remain this way because they don’t make any room for improvement on themselves, and they feel they are better than everyone, when the opposite is correct. Bottom line is: if you know you have a personality issue with yourself, best thing to do is try your best to develop that part of yourself instead of making everyone know that you have this issue. People are not dumb. People can see right through it - but it is because your nose is so high, you can’t see what people see of you. 


Summer has almost ended (in most parts of the world at least, except here), and to wherever we see ourselves going to, to whatever the next stop will be, to what wonderful new venture we will be participating in, wouldn’t we want to at least move on to the next level of your life? We owe it to ourselves to grow, and be better people, and most importantly, be better people to the people around you. For the love of donuts - just be kind!


Sinselfie jpgSpeaking of summer, here’s the highlight of mine: 


And of course, here’s a picture of myself trying to take a selfie and trying to avoid taking a picture of that person tying his shoe behind me: 


I hope you all enjoyed your summer, you know where to find me if you want to share a story with me! Don’t be shy.


Until next time, Fajrawis, 

Sindiya, The Sign.


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