Only in Fujairah » Only in Fujairah - The return of the Virus

Only in Fujairah - The return of the Virus

SinMountains17 jpgIt’s in the air, I felt it, I went through it, after 13 days, 10 hours, 42 minutes of struggle, I have recovered. I’m a survivor. There are others still out there - I call them the infected. Let us pray for them.


I believe that 3 out of 5 people caught the virus, because literally 3 out of 5 people I saw everyday was infected. This time round, everybody had trouble coping with it - it was a stubborn one, this one. 


But Alhamdulillah, all is well - and December is round the corner when I was writing this - so everything should be fine. Sometimes I get jealous of December, because it’s full of holidays and fun stuff - but then I remember that my birthday is in December - then I’m not so jealous anymore. 


The lovely weather is finally surfacing, and it is gifting us with beautiful cloudy treats all around Fujairah. Here’s some eye candy of the mountains: 


My younger sister Mariam asked me about what it means to be an Emirati the other day. I knew how it felt to be an Emirati, but I could not put it into words. I felt like the words cannot give true meaning to the way I felt about it. It’s strange, but a blessing at the same time. What I did manage to tell her is the fact that, no matter how much we work to serve the country, we will never be able to give back even a little bit of what our country has given us.


It truly is phenomenal. 


Recently I’ve been carrying this badge with me wherever I go. I feel so proud about it, I wonder why I haven’t done it more frequently before, because really we don’t need a reason to carry our countrys’ badge on our chest, we don’t need to have a reason to represent our country to begin with. So National Day or not - from wherever you are, let’s wear our symbol with honour, and feel the blessings around us because of the great country we live in.


It’s always lovely to see the many flags dangling outside peoples homes.


For those who would like to send me flowers, just to let you know that my birthday is on the 22nd. I’m just kidding (not).


I hope you’ve had a wonderful celebration, and for those celebrating Christmas, Merry Christmas! 


We’ll leave the New year wishes for the next issue - stay tuned!


sin jpg

Keep it real, Fajrawis, 

Sindiya, The Sign.


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