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Only in Fujairah -Marathon Buddies

We couldn’t wait for August to finish but when September came it went by too fast we could barely keep up with it. Months are weird.


I’ve been trying to exercise more often, but then I thought about donuts and then the meaning of “exercise” got wiped out of my memory in a matter of seconds. 


SinCorn gifI’ve got a friend, Areen, and we always talk about exercising together. Especially before any occasion, we talk about detox and diet, but when the day comes where we have to apply it, we pretend that we never spoke about it and we go have McDonalds instead. That’s what friends are for - having each other’s backs when it comes to food.


Mom is also in it - whenever I tell her I’m not going to eat, she decides to give me a call and tell me the many yummy things she had for lunch. Then she says there’s some left over if I want to eat, and of course - what do I do? I go visit my mom because well I have to take care of my parents. Of course.


My buddy Kooka, on the other hand, does not back down when she’s on a diet, even when I offer her a medium sized karak cup. Because we usually get a large cup. Areen and I have tried many times to get Kooka to back down on her diet but have never succeeded - except for once. It was a corndog from Magic Flakes Cafe that made us able to get to her. 


Sometimes in life you just have to take it easy, put your feet up, and just have a peanut butter sandwich, and see where that takes you. 


SinOreo gifHave you tried these Oreo Waffles?! If not - you are missing on plenty yummy-ness! 


Gist of the story is - you can exercise, but don’t be so picky with food! Enjoy your tastebuds while you can.


Have you tried the corndogs at Magic Flakes? It’s the only place in Fujairah you can get them - and it’s so good you’ll want to order 3 just for yourself.


Now that the weather’s getting better, there’s going to be more visits to the beautiful places in Fujairah - I’ll keep you posted! 


Sindiya gifUntil next time, Fajrawis,

Sindiya, The Sign.


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