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People of Change

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Anyone been to Morocco? It’s a really nice place. Their food is also quite good, but don’t try to order a pizza - they wouldn’t know how to do it.


A bunch of us from the Youth Council travelled to Morocco to attend the UN FCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change), where over 80 countries came together to discuss how they can help with it.


The bunch I went with started to get to know one another, so a lot of funny moments happened like that awkward moment of silence in the car: 


But when we got to know one other we were all a nice big family:

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And when Khaled started laughing because I really can’t remember what for:


We were mainly there for tackling climate change, but I came back with wonderful memories and people that I now call friends. 


Another thing also happened this month, and that is the Innovation Week where multiple events went on around the UAE. Fujairah Youth Council’s event was all about a maze. 


The maze took the visitors to different places, ending it with a brainstorming table so the youth can speak their minds if they have an innovative idea and how they can address different entities that would be able to adopt the idea.


Visitors have participated in the different types of activities the maze serviced. 


All in all, a month full of achievements and December is filled with holidays, what more can I ask for? 


Happy National Day everyone, don’t forget to snow spray your neighbour while parading. Nobody takes it to heart on that day - everyone’s just celebrating.


Sindiya gifUntil next time, Fajrawis, and a very Merry Christmas.


Sindiya, The Sign.


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