Only in Fujairah » Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts

Sin09MY17a jpgWonderful things happened the past month, and it was so busy that I can’t remember the last time I saw myself in the mirror. Probably 3 weeks ago - I’m not able to remember how I look like.


Have you been to the Zero Nine Exhibition? If you did, you probably saw me there (or haven’t, I was usually roaming around the food section). I was lucky enough to talk about the Youth Council along with Mohamed, also a member of the UAE Youth Council, to H. H. The Crown Prince Sheikh Mohamed Bin Hamad Al Sharqi (God Bless Him).


It always warms my heart to see His Highness’s interest in the youth, and the things we’ve been up to - and the support we get cannot be counted for.


Words cannot describe the love and respect we carry for you,


You are the heart and soul of our beloved city, from the deepest of our hearts, we thank you, infinitely. :) 


I wanted to let you know of a really cool place opening up in Fujairah very soon. I’ll keep it a surprise, but I’ll show you the kind of beautiful scenery you’ll experience when you are in that place:

SinPanaromaMY17a jpg 

It’s beautiful I guarantee you that. You’ll know more about it in the next issue!


So what have you been up to last month? and how are your preparations for Ramadan? I’m looking forward to the Samboosas and Bakooras if you ask me.


Stay safe, and dream big, and keep the faith strong.


Until next time, Fajrawis,

Sindiya, The Sign


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