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Choosing Flower Bouquets for Different Occasions

We all love getting flowers as a gift, don’t we? But have you ever thought why flowers cheer us up so much? Well the answer would always be the beauty, the vibrant colours and the fragrance that make flowers possibly the best gift of all time. However when you decide to gift flowers you might want to consider some important factors before making your choice.

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Getting a beautiful bunch of flowers is always a delight for the person receiving them, but it is a difficult task when it comes to making a choice of the most appropriate flowers for the special occasion or celebration.


Well it’s not an easy task to figure out that perfect Flower bouquet for someone dear at different occasions of celebration. Yes, you need to consider many things like:


Freshness of Flowers:

If you are buying flowers from local flower shops then what you first need to consider is picking the freshest flowers possible. The ones without dark or perished petals and in most vibrant colour are the ones that you need to choose.


To Whom It Is To Be Gifted:

One of the major factors of consideration before choosing your bouquet: consider the person to whom you want to gift the flowers to. If it is a child or someone very cheerful in nature, they may prefer receiving a bouquet of mixed and brightly coloured flowers. However if it’s for a girl or a woman you can consider pink flowers, bouquets of roses, carnations or tulips and others.

Red is the Colour of Love:

Selecting your flower bouquet for someone you love, like your sweetheart or better half, then all that you need to consider choosing is a red flower bouquet. Although red roses are considered the best flowers to convey love to someone special,  other red blooms are also an excellent conveyor of love like a bunch of red tulips, red carnations, red gerbera flower and more. All that you need is to pick the best red bouquet for your beloved.


Colourful Flower Bouquets for Birthdays, Festivals and other Celebrations:

Celebrations are cheerful and lively never failiing to bring more life and love to someone dear and loved by you- gifting a bouquet of colourful flowers is an excellent idea. You can choose a mixed coloured bouquet of roses, gerbera, carnations, lilies and other. Be it a celebration of any festival, birthday, farewell, baby shower, housewarming party or any other event or occassion: a bunch of colourful flowers is best.


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  • Red: Love, Beauty, Courage and respect 

  • White: Purity, Innocence, Youthfulness

  • Pink: Appreciation, Grace, Perfect Happiness

  • Light Pink: admiration, Sympathy, Sweetness

  • Yellow: Joy, Friendship, Welcome Back

  • Yellow with red Tip: Falling in Love

  • Orange: Desire, Enthusiasm 

  • Red + White: Given together these signify unity 

  • Peach: Appreciation, Gratitude

  • Pale Peach: Modesty

  • Coral: Desire

  • Lavender: Love at first sight, Enchantment

  • Orange: Fascination

  • Blue: The unattainable, the impossible

  • Red Rosebud: Symbolic of purity and loveliness

  • White Rosebud: Symbolic of girlhood


Do Consider Meaning of Flowers:

Before making an order for flowers, you must understand the meanings of the different colours roses. Every flower and every rose colour means something different. Here are some of the most easily available colours 


These were some factors you need to consider before giving flowers as a gift of love for someone dear to you. However if it is to buy beautiful flowers then Le Meridien Al Aqah is one of the best places on the East Coast to buy bouqets. Our Master florist – Joseph is on hand to make stunning bouquets and basket arrangements to suit your every occassion and budget.


Hari gifHari Sudhakar  

Executive Housekeeper 

Le Meridien Al Aqah Beach Resort, Fujairah


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