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How to properly wash and care for pillows

pillows2 gifAll of us LOVE a good pillow; I have found over the years, when it comes to pillows, you definitely get what you pay for.  After many years of select/buying pillows, the best once is down feather pillows for our bed.  It might be a little hard to swallow at first, if you are used to paying for synthetic-fill pillows. 


Expect to pay at least twice as much for down pillows. Down pillows, like feather pillows, can last longer life if properly maintained, while even the highest-grade synthetics will likely need replacing after a few years. So really you pay more in the beginning, but you will have a pillow that will last five times longer! 


How to Wash and Care for Pillows:

Most people wash their sheets once a week, but rarely, if ever wash their pillows. 


Even with protectors, pillows should be washed at least twice a year, as best practice and can last long life if properly maintained


1. Washing Pillows:


First, read the care label to confirm that your pillow (whether it’s down or synthetic) can be machine washed, most can be, but it’s best to double check.

Most pillows, down and synthetic can usually be washed. Foam or gel pillows typically cannot. However for the foam pillows you may find at care label for instructions.

Use a mild liquid detergent 1 cup, powder detergent can leave residue (1 cup Laundry bleach for more soiled pillows) 

Wash a pair of pillows together to keep the machine balanced and run them through the rinse cycle twice to rinse them fully. We at Hotel have commercial laundry machines and have a specialty cycle for pillows, for home use machines may not have this feature, you may wash pillows on the delicate cycle.


2. Drying Pillows:


For down and feathers, use the air cycle and dry thoroughly. Dampness left in a pillow can lead to mold, so it’s important to make sure pillows are completely dry. 

For synthetics, use the low heat setting as high heat can cause clumping.   You can throw in a few clean, thick dry towels to help absorb some of the moisture, for faster drying.  

Throwing in a couple of tennis balls wrapped in white socks during the dryer cycle helps to re-fluff the pillows (the white socks will prevent dye in the tennis ball from transferring to your pillow) 


3. Air out Pillows:


Once a month, air out pillows by hanging them on a clothesline outside.  Try to keep them in the shade, or put them out on an overcast day, prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can deteriorate the natural fibers. If your pillows have stains that have penetrated through to the lining, spot-clean them with a mild detergent; air thoroughly to prevent mold.  If you don’t prefer to put outside, you can give pillows a 15 minute tumble in the dryer using medium heat.


4. Cover and Protect:


Down pillows require a zip-on protective cover, as well as a pillowcase. Besides protecting against dust, humidity and natural oils, covers help down pillows keep their shape.  Wash covers weekly when you wash pillowcases and sheets.


5. Fluff Daily:


All pillows, except for foams, must be fluffed on a daily basis, in-order to maintain a natural resilience of the filling material. 

A daily fluffing will also prevent dust from collecting and will redistribute the filling evenly.  It’s a great way to work out any frustrations each day while you make the bed 

Fluffing will help your pillows last longer and keep them looking great!


The only thing better than getting into a bed with clean sheets, is a bed with clean fresh smelling pillows! ...Ahhhhhh.


Note: If you have special type of pillow advised to get them laundered with professional laundry. 


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