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Key Points of Cleaning

Hello readers I hope last month cleaning tip easy way to clean and maintain walls was useful


And here are some of key tips of general cleaning 


Some of Key Cleaning Mistakes Almost Everybody Makes - From dish washing to dusting, stains and vacuuming, common cleaning mistakes can result in over cleaning, wasting time and ultimately wasting money. Use these professional cleaning tips and tricks to ensure you’re saving time and money.


Spraying Solution Directly On A Surface  Spray, spray, spray. The one thing I know is people over spray and end up wasting cleaning product, resulting in a significant waste of money. Instead, spray the solution on a microfiber cloth and then wipe the surface that needs attention.  Save spraying directly on surfaces for big clean up jobs requiring more cleaning solution.


Washing Windows On A Sunny Day:  Many have tried, all have failed.  It’s impossible to wash windows effectively when the sun is beating on the glass. Cleaning in direct sunlight results in major streaking. The best time of day to wash your windows is in the late afternoon or early evening, or when the skies are overcast and when the temperature is below 70 degrees.


Considering A Rinsed Sponge A Clean Sponge: Sponges may look clean, but they can harbor millions of tiny bacteria.  The best way to prevent cross contamination is to regularly clean your sponge. Use one of two methods: place in the upper rack of your dishwasher once a week or microwave on high for two minutes. Let the sponge cool before you touch it or use rubber gloves to remove in order to prevent burning yourself. Replace your sponge regularly.


Treating Liquid Stains Improperly: Scrubbing stains like pet urine, red wine, and coffee aren’t effective in the long-term. Unless you remove fresh carpet spills at the deepest level, in time they may resurface. Try this method: As soon as you notice the spill, use a dry towel to sop up as much liquid as possible. Next, douse the spot with club soda or ice water and blot again with another dry towel. Step on the towel to absorb the liquid. Repeat the blotting until no more color is transferred to the towel. If the stain persists, apply a stain remover and repeat the process.

Not Using Your Vacuum Attachments Vacuum attachments are there for a reason.  Using your wand, for example, helps to collect fur and other debris that might otherwise be missed or flown around the house.  Using the proper attachment for furniture ensures you get all fur off the furniture instead of allowing it to remain stuck.  Not using the attachments is just prolonging the time it takes to vacuum your home.


Putting a Toilet Brush Right Back Into the Holder Cleaning the toilet with a toilet brush and putting directly back into the holder is just plain gross.  Even if you do take the time to rinse the brush and sanitize it, which I’m sure most people don’t bother to do, the moisture left on the brush will just grow bacteria as it’s left in the holder. Ensure after every clean must rinse the brush and sanitize it.

DishWash gif

Stacking Utensils in the Dish Washer Incorrectly Putting the same utensils in the same basket saves you time when the cycle is over, and you go to put the knives away. But if you load the dishwasher with all the utensils facing in the same direction you’ll end up having to rewash them.  Spoons will spoon, and knives will stick together, which will not allow the dishwasher to get both sides of the utensil cleaned thoroughly. The only exception to this rule is forks.  Put all forks facing up to prevent the tines from bending.


There are many cleaning mistakes you can make when you don’t know the fast and efficient ways professionals clean.


Use these tips to and you’ll always be cleaning efficiently.


See you all with next article of flowers - how to make simple flower bouquet.


Happy cleaning  


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