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Meet the Community - Adele Myers

Adele jpgAs an addition to your local Fujairah Observer magazine we meet diverse and interesting ex pats and find out what they love about Fujairah and ask who, what, where, when and why? 


Fujairah is brimming with so much talent and creativity that there has never been a better time to be an arts-lover in our Eastern Coast emirate. In this month’s edition I caught up with Adele Myers, a powerhouse in the arts world, both here in the UAE and in the UK.


Who is Adele?


I am originally from Warrington in the North West of England. I studied contemporary dance, visual arts and experimental theatre and I also have a masters degree in Fine Art, from Manchester Metropolitan University. It was there in Manchester where I organized artist lead exhibitions in warehouses, originally creating performance art pieces, then moved into making videos.


I joined a group called Basement Video Project, now a commercial video company, which developed into a digital training facility called ‘IDEA’.  The internet was in it’s infancy, so I trained people in digital arts and became a digital artist. I was part of a festival called International symposium of digital arts- an interactive festival, focusing on interactive installations.


Currently I am an Applied Communication teacher and I’ve been here since August 2015.


What got you interested in short films?


I worked in The Manchester College, creating their promotional and video marketing materials.  At the same time I set up a community project with peer-to-peer training.  We met once a month and set challenges where poets would donate a poem and the budding filmmakers would make video adaptations of them. We then held screenings both internally and externally, with live poetry performance and music.

I organized a similar thing here in Fujairah starting with a poem-film event in the Royal M hotel. I believe translating the poem to a short film allows people to be more responsive and allows them to create an alternative narrative.


My goal, creatively is one video per year whilst living here and I’ve thankfully stuck to that. One particular video that I have made previously is called ‘Origami’. The poem was so sad and touching about the insignificance of someone feeling that they had to fold themselves away and disappear. 


But I also interpreted a different meaning where someone is throwing off their day job and being creative themselves.


Why short films?


I think they get overlooked a lot unfortunately.  There is no traction as they are mainly non-for-profit. Filmmaking and the editing part is the most enjoyable for me. Using poems as inspiration is an amazing way to make a short film. Using the poem as the script or narrative base for a short film should be something all filmmakers should try, especially here in the UAE, where poetry is so revered. A poem’s rhythm, pacing and the words themselves are already set so you have lots of room to bounce from them visually.  The director can be as literal or as abstract as he/she likes.


Where do you find your inspiration?


As you know I am from the North West of England, so a Northern girl at heart, and my works have all been set in that area and the socio-economic issues there. Plus women’s issues and stories are important to me too.  I have had to adapt to the surroundings here in Fujairah.


The advantage is the mountains, beaches and the level of landscape that you can get inspired by.  Dubai is more westernized, but here you can get involved more in cultural events and local Emirati events.

There’s have been plenty of events happening recently here though and plenty of people who are keen to get involved. For example, the 2nd Fujairah International Arts Festival recently and the new Bait Al Fan Art House at the Fujairah Fort complex. There’s a growing platform of events with Zero Nine. It is a great time to be here.


When did the art scene really start here?


Well I don’t think it has reached the maximum potential yet. It is a budding scene and it is hungry to burst open. The events I mentioned above and events like the Charity Art Event in the Tennis Sport and Social Club Fun Day recently is a good example of this. We raised over AED 6000 in the art auction alone and I am keen to continue this. The charm was that it mixed Emirati and ex pat works, which sat along side each other. It was fantastic that we were working together. It was also great to instigate this and I’d love to see more events doing this.


You have a relatively new short film you would like to tell us about?


Yes, absolutely; it is called ‘Never Say Never Say Never’. It was completely made here and commissioned by Filmpoem and the Poetry Society in UK. All those involved in its creation were all living in UAE also but the poem was from USA and commended in the Poetry Society’s annual international poetry prize. It can be interpreted as a relationship that has come to a natural end but the couple want to hold on to the very last moment. Knowing it should end but not wanting it to. Of course there are many other interpretations. I also choreographed the video in combination with the actors and I wanted an opportunity to publish the video online after its festival screenings at World of Women Film Festival in Dubai, so this article is the perfect outlet.


You have explored many types of visual arts. Should the artist stick to one medium only?


I believe that an artist can certainly find their specific platform, but they shouldn’t be boxed into just that medium. It evolves and changes. I actually remember not creating for three years and I felt the urge or want to get stuck back into things.


What is your favourite thing about Fujairah?


I don’t like choosing favourite things, but what I do enjoy is the swimming pool at the tennis club, the pace of life here, and the space to be able to reflect and look at what your life is about. Also there are many opportunities to explore. People need to look at Fujairah in a positive way, embrace it and learn from it. It’s a small place though, if you compare it to Dubai or Abu Dhabi, so it’s not for everyone!


AdeleCam jpgWhat are your future plans?


I am keen to do more film events and I would like to start a collective of artists here with a different set of skills and resources. I want to stay here for the foreseeable future. Then further down the line, create a sustainable arts centre with workshops somewhere rural, with a gallery, a restaurant and gardens.


Do you have a message for the Fujairah Observer readers?


I really do recommend spending time with the different cultures we have here and especially get to know Emirati people. Get out and meet people, don’t stay in an expat bubble!


Thanks to Adele for her time and if you would like to watch her new short film ‘Never Say Never Say Never’ the link is-


If you know someone you believe should be featured in ‘meet the community drop us an email and let us know-


EJ Mac Manais


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