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Pediatric Physical Therapy in Special Needs

RisingPhysio jpgUnderstanding how a child’s ability to move around develops, and how it is related to thinking, remembering, decision making and problem solving develops, is the basis of paediatric physical therapy.


Paediatric physical therapy is recommended for children who have difficulty in crawling, rolling, sitting, standing and walking due to illness, disability or injury. Physical therapists are able to help children with poor balance and coordination, weak or paralysed muscles, bad postures, limited movements around the joint and low heart and lung endurance.


Initially, the therapist will conduct an assessment to find the unique needs of the child to develop a suitable treatment program to achieve expected results. As the child grows, changes occur in their body movements and the areas of the need. Hence new therapies are being developed constantly and it is important to include family in the therapy program to practise the techniques under the guidance of the physical therapist and understand the child’s requirements while adapting to the changes in the growing stage.


The therapist will assess if the child needs aids such as standing frame, wheel chairs, walkers, or orthotics and will help the child and family become familiar with the equipment. Using play and age appropriate activities, physical therapist creates carefully crafted treatment plan for the children with special needs to achieve maximum independence.

Physical therapists use a variety of treatment methods in order to analyse not only the limitations, but also to recognize the strengths of the child to provide more effective treatment. Physical therapy services focus on developing, enhancing, restoring and preserving physical functions and mobility. Paediatric physical therapists find very creative ways in helping children to achieve greater happiness under challenging circumstances. Physical therapy is hard work yet fun at Rising Sun Centre for Special Needs.


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