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What are we doing to our hair to make it so dry

Alva2 gifOur hair likes the simple life but that is not what it gets because we are never quite happy with the hair we have got and seek to change it. If it is curly we want it straight. If it is dark we want it light. This can lead to extreme procedures that cause the hair to become dry.


Many people look for the quick fix for dry hair but like an expensive cashmere jumper you need to take gentle care of it and not fry it with hot irons.


When our hair looks great we feel wonderful, so let’s look at natural solutions because natural solutions work best long term. You may find a cosmetic shampoo full of silicone and polymers that will give high shine for today but long term any kind of plastic coating will damage the hair and scalp. I am always in favour of natural products and solutions.


Have a look at these tips to reflect on what we do to our hair


ShinyHair gifMoisture is key to soft shiny looking hair


The more you wash hair and the more detergent you put on hair the dryer your hair will be. 


Generally speaking our scalps make sebum (oil) to protect the hair and if you wash your hair too often and use too much shampoo you make the scalp and hair dry.


You’ve heard it before but it’s worth saying again: you are what you eat and drink. The best moisture for the body is water: water is moisture.


Drink more water and the body will be more moisturised.  Moisture is what you need, because moisture is what is lost. Drink a lot of water. Not only will this help prevent wrinkles but it helps give the moisture to your hair. If you put a teaspoon of cod liver oil in your juices in the morning, eventually you will see a real difference in your skin and hair.

There are many reasons for dry hair and some environmental conditions are:  


Desalinated water

Hot desert sun 

Silica in the air

Extremes of temperature 



Beware of desalinated water


Desert countries rely heavily upon desalinated water to provide tap water. In a study into the effects of desalinated water, samples of hair fall were collected from all hair using desalinated water. It was found that a larger percentage was damaged hair. The desalinated water treatment plants add chlorine to kill the bacteria and then add lime (a calcium compound) to help stabilise the water. Both of these additives have a damaging and drying effect on hair and are immediately apparent when we return to the Gulf after being away on leave. Always use a shampoo such as Permea Plus Anti-Sal shampoo at least once per week. 


Too much hot styling fries the hair


Style your hair how you want to, but be informed of the choices you are making. If you cook your hair you damage the hair strands. You can straighten or blow-dry your hair on a low setting; it does not need to be hot. If your curlers are too hot to hold they are too hot for your hair and will damage it.


Always opt to style on the lowest heat setting possible.


Other reason for dryness can be blow drying, curling irons, foiling, tinting, bleaching or perming hair that robs the natural moisture from the hair. 

Even the things we eat can provide nutrients or the lack of. Should we choose to eat the foods that offer nothing but calories our hair will also reveal this. 


Fish with its natural oils will bring much needed health to your body and hair. It takes about three days for the nourishment of what we’ve eaten to go to our hair.


Old fashioned tried and tested tips


Another tip is old fashioned brushing from the roots following out to the ends. It is like a home health treatment to your scalp and hair. Today few people brush their hair, yet it promotes growth, increases circulation and moisture. This takes time and discipline but the rewards can be radiant. 


Weekly massage


Permea Plus Hair Repair Massage Oil is an essential weekly treatment to protect and strengthen hair. Its distinctive combination of the six best oils can be massaged in to feed the scalp, improve the circulation to the hair follicles, and deliver really strong, shiny hair overnight. This oil can also be used to protect hair when swimming and sunbathing.


Exercise also promotes hair health. This doesn’t mean that if you have thin dry hair today it will be thick and a normal texture tomorrow. But you start to exercise you should begin to see improvement in about a month.




“HEALTHLINES is a monthly column devoted to healthy living, diet and exercise. Reader’s questions (send them to are appreciated and a selection will be replied to in the column by Alva Carpenter, a nutrition and fitness expert with long experience of health problems associated with Gulf countries.  

Alva trained in optimal nutrition in London. She counselled ladies in Dubai on how to successfully manage their weight. She now has a counselling service on slimming, diet, and exercise, based in Somerset, England. Readers can visit for more information on healthy living.”




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