Local » Fujairahns gather in a monthly Flea Market inspired by Anniek

Fujairahns gather in a monthly Flea Market inspired by Anniek

AnniekBoshoven gifNow residents of Fujairah have a place to buy and sell their second-hand items, bargain or simply socialize. The founder of a monthly Fujairah Flea Market, Anniek Boshoven, discloses what was in high demand at the last market and shares her most memorable find.


How long are you living in Fujairah? Why do you like it here?

I live in Fujairah for two years now. I like that it’s small, everybody knows and supports each other. Everything and everybody is just around the corner. I love to be outdoors, and Fujairah is the perfect Emirate for that. A good day out for me will be exploring the mountains and Wadi’s by car and on foot, taking photographs and camp under the stars after a nice BBQ dinner.


How you came up with idea of Flea Market?

At home, in the Netherlands, there are Flea Markets everywhere. When I arrived in UAE I searched for one to visit to decorate my new house a bit more. I have always visited Flea Markets, so why can’t we have one in Fujairah too, so the people can learn about it and enjoy.


Are you a frequent visitor of flea markets yourself? What do you shop for?

Yes, I love to visit Flea Markets whenever I can. For example, when I moved to another city to start my studies and moved into my student room, I bought a lot of stuff from Flea Markets to decorate and whatever else needed. These days I enjoy to walk and look around. Usually I will find some books, clothes, accessories or something for the house. 


What are the most memorable items that you have gotten yourself in the Flea Markets? 

I remember buying a very nice and affordable television set at a Flea Market once, for my student room also. In general, when you take your time to have a good look at all the stuff everywhere, you will be amazed at the things that will catch your eye. And, be there first, and you will have first choice at everything!

FujFlea1 gif 

What was on display in the recent Fujairah Flea Market? What was the price range?

There was a nice mix of second hand and hand craft items! The second hand items included books, clothes, household items, some electronics, accessories, toys etc. A nice diverse range of things. Prices depend on the quality of the item and the vendor. In general good prices can be expected, and of course, one can always bargain at Flea Markets!


Could you recommend what sells well?

There was a very high demand in books as there is no real book shop in Fujairah, and even in Dubai affordable second hand books are hard to come by. Furthermore, clothes, electronics, accessories, toys, kids clothes, household items etc. All of these things always sell really well. 


Are you happy with the outcome? Were the vendors and visitors happy?

Yes, it was a good first market! Of course you are always hoping for more tables and more visitors, but people are still learning and getting to know the concept. 

There were many nice things for sale. I believe both the vendors and the visitors were pleased with the market. Most of the vendors were able to sell very well and by the looks of it the visitors bought many nice things as well. 


How frequently will the Flea Market be there? Is the entrance for free?

The goal is for the Flea Market to be there once every month, on a Saturday at the beginning of each month. The market on June 6 will be the last one before the summer break and the next one will be there again in September. 

And yes, the visitors entrance is free. Everybody is welcome and should be able to visit and enjoy the market.


The next Fujairah Flea Market is taking place on Saturday, 6th June, 2pm-8pm at Novotel Hotel Fujairah, Dibba Ballroom. For more information and contact, visit www.fujairah-fleamarket.com or look up the Fujairah Flea Market Facebook page.