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The new 2016 Nissan Maxima

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The Nissan Maxima is no stranger here in the Middle East in short it was a legend. Now here is the new replacement, the new 2016 Nissan Maxima.



Lift the hood and you can notice 3.5-Litre DOHC 24-valve V6 engine which boasts 300bhp. Yes its fast which means 0-100 km/h just takes 5.8 seconds and to support that its fitted with the upgraded Xtronic CVT Transmission and not to forget the Maxima works is a Front Wheel Drive car (FWD). The CVT transmission in this car is much better than the one’s fitted in the previous model, heck its the best one fitted in a Nissan passenger car and put it into sport mode and you can redline her 6,400 rpm, impressive I must say and Nissan says that its inspired by the “GTR” put it into sports mode and you can hear the exhaust in the cabin which is really satisfying but i must say the steering feels quite numb which is quite disappointing  keeping that aside its got good grip around the corners and tends to under-steer a bit .


MZ1d gifStyling/Design

Don’t be fooled into thinking that all the curves on this car is just meant for looks, No sir every tiny details help in aerodynamics which is the reason for its great handling and stability at high speeds. It took 2 years for the designers to design this beautiful car all the curves and line makes it look aggressive. To make it easy, first the “floating” roof appearance, LED headlights with integrated signature, the beautiful dual chrome-tipped exhaust finishers and its aggressive lowered stance makes it the perfect recipe for a sexy 4 door sports car. Personally I love the colour on this car which is known as Coulis Red (NAW) 


Since I got the SR trim this car comes with 19 diamond-cut machine-finished aluminum-alloy wheels.



Luxurious and a well fitted interior you get an enormous 8 infotainment system which can be used with a knob or as a touch screen and its easy to use . the seats again are well stitched and fitted The D-shaped steering wheel, zero gravity front seats with climate control and dual panel panoramic front roof and there is a plenty of room in the back and the boot is quite spacious.


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Final Verdict

The steering is numb

Its fast and practical to use for daily drives.



S Trim: AED 112,000,  SV Trim: AED 126,000,  SR Trim: AED 151,000


Mohammed Zeeshan


All photos taken by Mohammed Zeeshan