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Transforming desert into a green haven

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It was His Highness Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan’s (May Allah have mercy on his soul) vision to transform the United Arab Emirates into a “Green haven”.  His Highness worked tirelessly to make his vision grow to be a reality. 


Somewhere along the way, the people of the United Arab Emirates picked up those good character traits from His Highness Sheikh Zayed, namely his brothers the rulers of the other Emirates. Nowadays, municipalities across the emirates are competing to enhance their city’s infrastructures and overall image through architectures and also landscaping. 


The professional landscaping scene is a relatively new In the United Arab Emirates. New companies are being formed but as an industry, it is well on its way. While landscaping services were more geared towards residential projects traditionally, they have now become an urbanisation necessity. Recently, people have realized that  landscaping design could go hand in hand with interior design, as well as being  two mutually exclusive crafts. Accordingly, landscape companies have been working on larger scale projects throughout the United Arab Emirates designing and maintaining projects in public places including airports, hospitals, roads, and Soccer fields. 


AQUA TECH, a major Fujairah based Landscaping and Civil Services Company, excels in all of the above  mentioned fields. In the few short years since company’s establishment, the company has been able to attain landmark achievements in expanding the green areas in the Emirate of Fujairah. Greener main road sides and islands, shrub-decorated roundabouts and the green touches in malls, schools and soccer fields are a few of AQUA TECH’s accomplishments that can be mentioned.


The two divisions (Landscape and Civil) combined amount to a total number of 130+ skilful and competent employees equipped with a fleet of state of the art machineries and tools of the highest technological calibre in the region.


Under the patronage of its caring leadership, the Company is currently involved in many projects and its diversified teams of professionals in landscaping and civil works are taking the full responsibility of accomplishing the vision of the Company which is,  adding  greenery to the beautiful city of Fujairah. Given the company’s immaculate track record, in addition to the resources available at its disposal, AQUA TECH is confident that this will be achieved


AquaTechlogo2 gifTariq ElAsad 

‘Watering Cacti’ 

Landscape Division Manager

AQUA TECH Landscape and Civil Services