Local News » Fujairah Netball Club to host the Inter-gulf Championships 2018

Fujairah Netball Club to host the Inter-gulf Championships 2018

IG32logo jpgThe Inter-gulf Netball Championships is the largest sporting tournament for women in the Gulf Region, and has grown significantly since its humble beginnings in 1986 were only seven teams from Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Dubai and Oman participated in the inaugural event. Netball is the world’s most popular team game for women, and is played in over 72 countries by over 8 million people. In the UAE alone, there are over 600 netballers that compete on a weekly basis and the numbers are rising significantly every year.

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It was in 1995 that Fujairah first entered a  team into the Inter-gulf Netball Tournament, to be perfectly honest  at the time I did not realise how renowned this event was and just thought that we were going up to Dubai to compete in a local netball competition. We had been playing on a weekly basis just for fun for a few years at this point on an old tennis court belonging to Fujairah Trade Centre, which had been modified into a smaller size version of a netball court. So you can imagine it came as quite a shock when a couple of days before the Tournament I was looking at the Gulf News and noticed in big bold headlines  ‘Teams fly in from all over the Gulf to compete in the prestigious Inter-gulf Netball Tournament!’ 

Trade CentreOld jpgThe phone began to ring instantly off the hook, as one by one the rest of the girls asked the same question. "Julie, please tell us that this is not the tournament that we have entered!" I am sure it goes without saying that we did not win many games that year, but I do remember it like it was yesterday and we all had a really great time, with family and friends there to support us. 


This was Fujairah’s introduction into the Inter-gulf and now over 20 years later we are bringing this famous event to Fujairah. Sadly the Trade Centre Court is no longer there and we have played in various locations over the years since, but I have very fond memories of the old days and our small court at the back of the Trade Centre.  


The event is going to be extra special for us this year; not only as Fujairah are going to be hosting it, but we will also be celebrating 25 years of Fujairah Netball Club. It is going to be the perfect way to celebrate our Silver Jubilee Year.


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We are all really looking forward to giving the Inter-gulf teams a big warm welcome to Fujairah in March, plus we also have a record number of youth teams signed up for the Youth Inter-gulf Netball Tournament the week before. This will be the 32nd Inter-gulf Netball Tournament and we feel honoured and privileged to be hosting this huge sporting event for women in Fujairah. On a personal note I am very proud to still be part of this team over 25 years later! I have seen many changes over the years as people come and go, but we have always had a great bunch of ladies and today it remains the same. 


Julie Buck


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