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33 Ways to get kids involved in Ramadan

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One question I’ve seen floating around on social media a lot is ‘How do I get my children involved in Ramadan?’. Involvement can mean a lot of things, it can mean creating, learning, doing, making or helping, it can also mean so much more. Essentially it is about including children and getting them to be and feel like they are a part of something and I think the ideas in this post will help you achieve that.


So here they are, in no particular order, 33 Ways to get our kids involved in Ramadan:


Let them experience Iftar – start their dinner off with some water (Zam Zam would be great) and a date just as you would if you were breaking your fast before eating ‘dinner’. Throw a mat on the floor and enjoy your Iftar Sunnah style or let them help set the table for Suhoor or Iftar


Use a countdown calendar. Check out printables online or better, create your own.


Have the kids help decorate the house and set up a little Ramadan display with/for them.


Do Ramadan crafts, books and sheets to keep them busy Check online for ideas.


Learn about the customs and traditions of Ramadan in other countries – a simple google search should bring up many. Create your own Ramadan traditions with them.


If you share some food/dates/info about Ramadan with your neighbours- take your kids along with you.


Turn traditional Ramadan menu items into fun, kid friendly versions – this can be as simple as lowering the spice, cutting into fun Islamic shapes, or even offering a smaller serve.

Have a Ramadan party. We had a Ramadan Craft Party last year, with my son’s friends. Last year we made cookies to share. Recipes found online.


Create your own Ramadan story, if your child is too young, ask them to tell you about Ramadan in their own words and write down what they say. This will be a great keepsake for years to come.


Donate clothes and toys to those in need.Give your child money/coins to fill a sadaqah/charity box that you can drop off with them at the end of Ramadan or at a later stage. Pack hampers for the disadvantaged/homeless and ask your kids to help you pack.

Wear traditional garments – if you have traditional garments in their size, get them to wear it for a day. This can be traditional cultural dress or even modest Islamic dress.


Get them involved in Suhoor, if it’s too early for them wake up, let them have a ‘Suhoor’ meal at breakfast time. Set the scene – do everything just as you would during suhoor so they can experience it and don’t forget to finish off with a date, some water and your intention to fast (just as a practise of course).


If your children are too young to fast, but are excited by the prospect of fasting, let them attempt a practise fast (this doesn’t have to be longer than a few hours, making sure you don’t force or push them to do so). Offer praise for any attempt made, it will encourage them to fast when they are required to do so, in shaa Allah.


Ask them to help choose their Eid clothes- try to purchase these before Ramadan, or if you’re using existing clothes or are purchasing them yourself, get them to try them on before Eid, and ask them to get accessories ready (socks, shoes, belt, headbands, hair ties etc).


Get/make a Salaah tracker and offer rewards for completing Salaahs.


Learn a new Surah – if your kids are old enough and able to memorise, try learning a Surah with them. There are so many short Surahs to choose from. Play Quran recitation in your house. If possible incorporate the playing of Surahs that your children have memorised or are familiar with.


Search for the moon together and talk about its phases and what they symbolise in welcoming the Islamic month.


Encourage your children to perform simple Sunnahs – or they can compete with themselves by setting a Sunnah goal and trying to beat it each day. This can be a great one to work on as a parent as well.


Encourage good deeds. 

Increase knowledge together, watch (child appropriate) lectures on YouTube or some Islamic Children’s DVDs if you have them. 


Create an Iftar box – If your kids have started fasting or even if they’re doing part fasts, start an Iftar box with them, it’s a great motivator to get to Iftar time so they can enjoy all the treats they’ve packed.


Take them to the mosque when you can. If they’re up and can manage, take them for Taraweeh prayers one night.


Set up an I’tikaf tent. 

Read Ramadan / Eid stories with them. 


If you have special Ramadan recipes, ask your kids to help you prepare them, be patient, it may take longer and be more messy than usual but they will enjoy the time with you. 


If you’re sharing Eid gifts, get your kids involved by getting them to help you make it if it’s homemade, or help you choose something of you’re making a purchase or they can help gift wrap and fill envelopes.


Start a Ramadan Journal or scrapbook. You can keep it simple and use a good old fashioned notebook and pen.


Teach them about Layatul Qadr – change your routine in the last 10 days/nights and increase your worship so they recognise the  significance. 


If your kids use an iPad or Tablet download some Islamic/Ramadan Learning apps. There on many online


Make a Dua list of simple and easy Duas to learn with your children. You can introduce the fasting Duas too.


Encourage love for learning and reading the Quran. Read in front of your kids when possible. Teach them about when and how the Quran was revealed.


Get your kids to help you plan your Eid decorations, and help you decorate when the time comes. 


BONUS: Make it fun and lead by example!


Faaiza Osman


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