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Improve your memory

Schools reopen after the summer vacation and students are enthusiastic about the new academic year. However students and parents’ concern about certain hurdles that makes the learning a herculean task. To retain the lesson learned is a matter of concern for many students. Many complain lack of memory power especially during exams.


Tom is a hardworking student. He studies his subjects on daily basis. However, during the exams, he tends to forget everything. Parents highly worried about Tom’s poor academic performance. Tom’s issue was not an exceptional case. In my teaching career, I came across hundreds of students and parents who complaint about lack of memory. 


When I study, I remember everything. But during the exam, I forget everything. I can't remember a word properly and everything is shuffled in my mind. How can I improve my memory? This is the usual words of many students who suffer from poor memory. However, the happy news is that, memory power can be improved to a certain extent. Let us see some practical solutions to overcome the issue of forgetfulness.


Improve your memory


There are a number of steps you can take to increase brain fitness and improve memory.


Food for brain


If you're feeling forgetful, eat more of these foods proven to boost memory and increase brain power. Diet plays a major role in brain health. Vitamin B-rich foods like chicken, fish, eggs and leafy greens are brain boosters. Vitamin C has long been thought to have the power to increase mental ability.


Acronyms: Forming an acronym is a good strategy to use to remember information in any order. An acronym is a word that is formed from the first letter of each fact to be remembered. It can be a real word or a nonsense word you are able to pronounce. Here is how to form an acronym.



  • Write the facts you need to remember.
  • Underline the first letter of each fact. 
  • Arrange the underlined letters to form an acronym that is a real word or a nonsense word you can pronounce.



Recently I learned from my students such an Acronym. My Very Energetic Mother Just Served Us Noodles is helpful to learn the planets very easily. During our childhood days, in order to remember the colours of rainbow, we used   VIBGYOR as an acronym.


Visualisation and Real life Connection: Any concept or idea can be easily remembered, if we visualize it. Draw or imagine a picture of what’s being studied, or find one in a book Also connect the concept with real life situations. The teachers can play a big role to improve the memory of students by using videos, pictures and reference to day to day life situations.


Immediate Review :Studying one hour immediately after a class will do more good in developing an understanding of the material as several hours a few days later. Studies show that as much as 80 % of material learned in class is forgotten within 24 hours if there is no review. Review is worth the time. It doesn’t take long, but the benefits are priceless.  Remember, the best time for review is within a day or two after the material has been taught. Don’t give them time to forget!


Participation and Effective: Listening in class.  Effective listening is very important for   successful learners. In order to learn more in class, it helps to participate in class discussions.  Asking questions to clarify and maintain eye contact with your teacher can increase your participation and your focus during the class discussion. Those students who listen properly find it easy to comprehend the lessons. 


Read effectively:  Many students complain about lack of concentration while reading. Use the SQ3R Method—survey, question, read, recite, review—to actively retain information. Just reading it is not enough. First of all, have a bird’s eye view of the topic i.e. overall review of the portion. Then form some questions about the topic and read the portions to find out answer for the questions. Reading loudly helps for easy memorization.


Take Notes: Develop the habit of note taking during your class lecture and during home study.  Write down the main points in orderly manner. Note taking would help  to increase memory and fast revision.


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Duglas Joseph 

(Writer on Social, Educational and parenting issues. Conducting counseling and seminars on teenage, career guidance and educational issues. Faculty at Gems Our Own English School Fujairah. Former faculty at Ministry of Education Maldives.)


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