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Words and Deeds

words and actions image jpgParents often complain that children are spending too much time with mobile phones. However a recent research reveals that, it is not children rather than parents who spent more time for using mobile for social networking and other online activities. 


There are many cases where people’s words and actions don’t match.


The words of Great Chinese philosopher Confucius ‘A gentleman would be ashamed should his deeds not match his words’ convey a great message to us all. We should never advise anyone about anything which we ourselves have not put into practice. An experience from the life of  great sage and guru Ramakrishna Paramahamsa shows the importance of keeping a watch on our words and actions.


One day, an old lady came to Ramakrishna Paramahamsa with her ten-year- old grandson. She complained to the guru that her grandson is eating too much sweets. The boy’s health is in danger and the doctors have advised him not to eat sweets anymore but the boy still continues to eat lot of sweets. The lady requested the swami to advice the boy so that he may relinquish the habit.  The lady also told that since he has great respect and admiration for swami, he would obey your words.


Ramakrishna consoled the old lady and said that ‘come after one month and I will devise a plan to save the boy from the dangerous habit.


Exactly a month later she came back with her grandson.  Ramakrishna made the boy sit beside him and said, “My dear boy: remember, one’s real wealth is health. Unless you take proper care of your health you will not be able to grow into a strong and healthy young man. The boy promised to him that he won’t eat sweets.


However, the old lady got confused and asked the swami, ‘Master why don’t you advice the boy, when I came here last month. Why did you ask me to come again after a month? With a smile he replied that I have the habit of eating sweets and how can I advise the boy to do something that I am not doing myself’. ‘Last one month I did not eat sweets, therefore I could tell the boy to avoid sweets. 


Parents, teachers and elders must be careful that, our children are watching our actions rather than our words. Remember ‘you are what you do, not what you say you will do’.

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Duglas Joseph

(Duglas Joseph is a prolific writer on Social, Educational and Parenting issues in newspapers, magazines and online portals. Conducting counseling  sessions and seminars on teenage, career guidance and educational issues. Faculty at Gems Our Own English School Fujairah. Former faculty at Ministry of Education Maldives)


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