Restaurant Review » The Spa Novice at Willow Stream, Fairmont Fujairah

The Spa Novice at Willow Stream, Fairmont Fujairah

Willow Stream Spa Couple Treatment Room jpgThe newly opened, meticulously finished Willow Stream Spa is laid out over 1105 square metres and includes six treatment suites which also includes two couples’ suites, a nail bar and salon for finishing touches. The wet facilities are complete with rock sauna, steam rooms, heated loungers, a private hammam room and experience showers.


Regional ingredients and hammam inspire treatments. Luxury hammam products are by UAE brand Hammamii and botanical facial products by British brand Elemental Herbology.


Our editorial team has decided that on the opening of the opulent new Willow Stream Spa at Fairmont Fujairah Beach Resort this May, we should hear from a person whom wouldn’t normally visit such places. We noticed a marked improvement in the persons overall temperament. Contrary to his own admission.

We at the Fujairah Observer thought a viewpoint from someone’s first visit could not only be a little original but also perhaps encourage others of the same ilk to do try out the same. Let’s be honest, spas are a marketer’s dream - the treatments tend to offer almost poetic practices.


Here follows his account of the visit.


I have only followed spa treatments from a distance for many years so please forgive my ignorance and naivety regarding its nuances and complexities in this article.


My first thoughts on entering Willow Stream Spa at the Fairmont Fujairah Beach Resort were a mixture of apprehension and mild excitement, the former being the more prevalent mainly because this experience was taking me right out of my comfort zone. When my wife and daughter wax lyrical on these matters I retreat to my own meditative state. 


I believe the reception was meant to calm prospective new clients like myself, in a gentle and professional manner and immediately put me in the mood to switch off and relax.


Willow Stream Spa Experience Shows Heated Lounges jpg

A quick tour of the facility helps orientate me, and I quickly pick up on the soothing ambience and begin to shed my anxiousness from earlier. I soon realise I need not have worried; all the staff were more than prepared to assist, without embarrassingly highlighting my obvious lack of knowledge in the environment. As I was walked through my treatment, it became apparent that the goal was to not just make the whole experience enjoyable, but also to let me reap the benefits of the treatment through understanding the process.


In the interest of sustainability I chose the “Emirates Hammam” treatment, this was a cleansing, exfoliating and moisturising procedure with products you were more likely to find on a dinner table than in a spa. Dates grown in Ras Al Khaimah, camel’s milk containing minerals for the skin and finally Arabic coffee, aromatic za’atar and anti-aging body oils.


The private saloon with my own personal masseur in 5* surroundings certainly made me even more relaxed and the sensory experience almost put me to sleep. I found that all my questions were answered with knowledge and enthusiasm. After my hammam, an upgrade allowed me another choice of massage for the leg and foot which was most appropriate (due to my mainly historical sporting injuries) and I was not disappointed. Not only was I completely at ease but also the muscular benefits were almost instantaneous.


A visit to the Experience Showers (I loved the tropical storm option) and finally a period on the heated ceramic reclined chairs brought my body into a deep relaxed state.


While I don’t think it will become a regular part of my personal care routine, I certainly see what the ladies in my life fuss over. 


The reviewer was a guest of Fairmont Fujairah Beach Resort and Fujairah Observer.


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