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Love American Football, join up with Fujairah Bulls

Bulls17a jpgFujairah Bulls Logo Final jpgJust over six years ago if you walked into Safa Park in Dubai you might have seen an unlikely sight - a couple of dozen men wearing helmets and faceguards, with shoulder pads, playing a game that looked similar to rugby but was noticeably different. The equipment was an obvious difference, but also the style of play, the way tackling was done and the way the ball was advanced down the field. What you would have been seeing was the beginning of American Football in the UAE. 


Since that time the sport has grown in leaps and bounds in the Emirates. Various cities have produced adult and youth teams that are competing on a high level, even playing in tournaments and exhibition matches on an international level. But conspicuously missing from American football in the UAE is a team representing Fujairah. Over the past 2 years a small but devoted group of guys have been laboring to end that and to bring this exciting sport and the community it creates to Fujairah in the form of a team called the Fujairah Bulls. The team name comes from the Friday activity that Fujairah is famous for - bull butting. The fights between the bulls represent well the physical nature of American football and mark this team as uniquely a piece of Fujairah. 


The goal of the Fujairah Bulls for this year is to build the team by inviting men 18 years and up to learn the sport and be part of laying the foundation for American football in Fujairah. The players will learn the sport, train together, and aim to begin scrimmage matches against each other by early December. The success of this team depends of passionate athletes of all skill levels and people who want to be part of the team community by volunteering in a wide variety of support roles. 


The long-term goal is to be able to represent Fujairah in the Emirates American Football League and eventually to move from only a men’s team to having youth teams for various age groups. 


This is not a business for us, it is a labor of love to build a community here in Fujairah around this exciting and rewarding sport. 

Those that are interested in getting involved as players or in support roles should look for our tryout days which will be held on Thursday Sept. 28th at 7:30 PM, Saturday Sept. 30th at 4:00PM, and Saturday Oct. 7th at 4:00PM at the UFC Pitches across from the Fujairah Corniche, beside Food Station. 


For more information, look for us on FB and Instagram or contacts Head Coach, Steve Jennings 0552431183 or Assistant Coach, Chris Hammami 0554907657


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Steve Jennings has lived in Fujairah for over 4 years and is the pastor of Immanuel Church of Fujairah. He is from the state of Texas where American Football is a way of life. 


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