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The Secrets of Bougainvillea

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Dear readers, I’d wish all of you a very happy Eid! I hope all of you enjoyed the break with your families and loved ones.


On this Issue, I’m going to talk about my favorites plant. The Bougainvillea is a vine that originates from Brazil in South America. It is a vine that is composed of very green leafs, different colored petals and very small flowers. The bougainvillea plant offers one of the largest varieties of colors (80 different colors). It is a beautiful and extended decorative plant.


It comes in a lot of different forms, some are used as a hedge and that could be mainly seen on the sides of the roads. While others can be used as what I call creepers that can be planted beside a fence or a wall and it could climb and take shape of that object it has been planted next to. It usually gets up to about 7 to 10 meters tall depending on their breed.


This colorful flower is very versatile and can survive and thrive in temperatures up to 45 degrees. It loves the sun so it must be kept outdoors- and does not mind dry but fertile soil. Does not require a lot of water and finally, does not have a lot of pest problems. All the aforementioned are reasons why we love planting them here also, why it would be a perfect new addition to your home garden.


Some have a love and hate relationship with this plant, mainly because we see them a lot on UAE roads. Another reason why people might dislike them is because of the thorns found on them, which makes it slightly harder to prune or to care for. But you will only find yourself doing a lot of pruning is if you decide to grow a shrub.


Tariq ElAsad

‘Watering Cacti’

Landscape Division Manager

AQUA TECH Landscape and Civil Service


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