Gardening » Tips for a Garden Balcony

Tips for a Garden Balcony

gardenplants gifIt's that time of the year when thoughts turn to planting a small outdoor balcony garden to bring a major back-to-nature feeling to the start of the new year. But how do you get started? With the UAE's particular climate, it’s important to think through exactly what kind of garden you are envisioning and the types of plants you’ll need to achieve it. Here are eight tips to consider before you get planting.


Be sure to choose a place on your balcony with the right amount of sun exposure and access to water.


Your local plant shop won’t stock anything that won’t survive the UAE's weather conditions. Make your first stop the small souq opposite Fujairah Fish and Vegetable souq, which stocks an array of plants. There are also plants available in the Friday (Masafi) market and also on the coast road near Bidiyah.


Before you make the leap to full-on garden, why not try caring for a succulent? The Prickly Pear, Cactus, and Aloe Vera varieties are all great options to test-drive your green thumb.


If you do decide to go for flowers, it’s key to think not only about what you like, but also about how much time you’ll have to take care of them. One of the easiest regional plants to care for is the Desert Rose, also known as the Adenium. The key is not to over water or over prune them - in other words, leave them alone - and you can expect a crop of flowers at least once a year.


Coleus, Petunias, and Zinnias are some of the most popular plants found and are easy to grow and readily available- you will seethem decorating many of the beds in Fujairah's residential areas.

When planting, be sure to place pebbles or mulch around the base of your flowers to protect their roots and preserve moisture.


Choose containers with colour to give your balcony garden a bit of personality. China pots, although more expensive and heavier to carry, are better for our hot climate as the substance is porous and therefore breathable, meaning the heat can escape from the soil and your plants will be less dehydrated and require less water. They also look a lot nicer than their plastic counterparts, and providing you have no breakages will look better for longer. Vary the heights of the planters to make it feel more lush.


Add a little table with small chairs and voilà! Enjoy your morning coffee in your very own garden.


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