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Expression vs Impression

TMlogo gifMy father narrated to me this short story 45 years ago.  He recapitulated hearing it another 45 years before.  It is presumed that circulation by word of mouth commenced almost when Toastmasters International was founded by Ralph C. Smedley!


A brilliant woman was down marketing lane.  Unintentionally, she found herself, in an alfresco market, under a chalked board -”FRESH FISH SOLD HERE TODAY”.  Her eximious astuteness flashed like lightning and she remarked, “All those words make that panel too long….” and she continued “Shall we reduce it?” The fish vendor, a little puzzled and slightly excited, demanded an elucidation.


The lady cautioned that if his fish are not fresh no one would ever buy and so mentioning the word “FRESH” is chancy to his sales.  The seller with a little hesitation agreed to rub out “FRESH”.


She asked “When else?  It has to be today.”  The merchant, without any hesitation, wiped out the word “TODAY”.


Then the feminine thought flew out “You keep the fish here and sell down the river? Can’t be. You sell right here. Right?”  He immediately (no reluctance) erased the word “HERE”. 


The sign now had “FISH SOLD”.


Confidently, the madam commented, “I am sure the fish aren’t being given away for free!”  Out went “SOLD”.


Now, the trader hit the nail on the head and accepted that “FISH” is superfluous as fish is lying all over in front of him with the unavoidable aroma of its presence! 


Lo! The marketing panel disappeared in its entirety!


Moral (I made it up, just now): Effective communication comes from eradicating jargon!

Nonetheless, my father enlightened me with a closing emphasis that certain circumstances do not warrant any words and in fact, the absence of words makes communication better (perfect, sometimes). Using apropos words for effectiveness is a gigantic task. Verbal messages, as well as written ones, entail being very effective.  Barriers make this process very challenging. The million-dirham question popped up – “How to overcome?” 


I would recommend you join our Toastmasters Club - a ‘DO IT and LEARN’ arena. Each and every meeting is unique and the learning endurance is accepted by participants.


I’m sure you are asking “What’s in there for me?”    Let me list it with no exaggeration…

You’ll become a better listener; 

You’ll become a better speaker;

You’ll develop stronger leadership skills; 

You’ll improve your job interview skills (if searching);   

You’ll think on your feet (believe me);   

You’ll expand your network; 

You’ll gain knowledge by sharing experience; 

You’ll enhance your speech coherence and organization;

You’ll develop your time management; 

You’ll enrich your critical thinking in analyzing each statement given to you;

You’ll establish the foundation of effective strategies in putting forth your arguments in debates; 

You’ll enhance your skills in providing constructive feedback to your team members;

You’ll witness your own growth that you aimed for when you joined the club; and

You’ll definitely gain a new family.


So, without any hesitation, join Fujairah Toastmasters Club, now, as you’ll gain more and more (guaranteed) for the simple reason that Toastmasters is that turf where learning is an unceasing practice!  You have to experience this to believe it.


TM Surya Narayanan Krishna Moorthy

CC, ALB Past President of Fujairah Toastmasters Club & Past Area 74 Governor

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Meeting venue is Clifton International Hotel, Fujairah. Meetings are held at every first and third Tuesday of the month at 7:30 pm.   Entry is FREE! Be our Guest! Come and observe the platform for improving Communication Skills and Leadership Qualities. Later, join us.   Further details can be had from: Vice President Public Relations- Sameirah Abdouli (0569070544) email: Fujairah Toastmasters Club Web link: Find us on FACEBOOK too! Toastmasters International Website: “WHERE LEADERS ARE MADE” Keep watching this space for the latest from Fujairah Toastmasters club.  Please like us in facebook: Fujairah Toastmasters Club


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