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A success story of a committed Toastmaster

haroon jpgBuilding someone main successful life skills needs a dynamic and inspiring blueprint where people can feel how valuable they are and train to practice their skills in life scenarios. Toastmaster is a life by itself where you live every experience. 


Many stories of success in Toastmaster around the globe, especially in Fujairah Toastmaster, we have various successful leaders who have real achievements in toastmaster, herewith one of these successful stories. 


Ancient Greek orators used to practice public speaking at beaches, where they said to have addressed the most turbulent of oceans. Every speaker has had his beginning in almost the same fashion, but in different contexts. 


My journey to become a DTM has never been easy as well. It took a pretty long time to be on the right track to gain confidence to face people and communicate effectively. I hugely indebted to the Toastmasters International for most of my achievements in public speaking.


Toastmasters International is a nonprofit educational organization founded by Dr. Ralph C. Smedley in the year 1924 to develop Communication and Leadership skills using the ‘learning by doing’ methodology. Being a teacher by profession, I always wanted to master communication and leadership skills.


On 1st October 2006, I was invited by a senior Toastmaster to attend a Toastmasters’ Club meeting in Dubai. I was fascinated by the concept and I introduced myself to a small group. Having a supportive and positive learning experience in the club, very soon I found myself being mentored by senior Toastmasters. It is a place where you can develop at your own pace.


Attending Toastmasters Club meetings soon became a routine. The Toastmasters Club members were very appreciative and friendly. They were always positive and supportive. Even when someone failed, their applause would lift your spirits. Being a Toastmaster for more than a decade, I participated in Club contests, Area contests, and Division contests. Table-topics became my favourite and in no time, winning became a habit. I won numerous awards and medals for Public Speaking, Speech Evaluation, and Table topics.


In 2010, I moved to Fujairah and was fortunate to find another wonderful club named Fujairah Toastmasters Club. My practice became my passion. My achievements and journey to DTM in communication were from a normal Communicator to a Competent Communicator, Advanced Communicator Bronze, Advanced Communicator Silver and Advanced Communicator Gold. And in my Leadership track, from a normal Leader to a Competent Leader, Advanced Leader Bronze and Advanced Leader Silver, and finally, the highest recognition from Toastmasters International, “DTM” which stands for Distinguished Toastmaster.


I have held the position of Club President in Friends of Yoga Toastmasters Club, Dubai and Fujairah Toastmasters Club and led the club to Distinguished and Presidents Distinguished Club positions. During my tenure as Area Director, Area 74 was declared as Select Distinguished Area, which is the second highest position an Area can achieve in a Toastmasters year based on its performance. This year I was able to grab five educational awards from Toastmasters International in just 9 months and become the second highest achiever in District 105. They are ALB, ALS, ACG, LDREXC and DTM.


When you become a leader, Toastmasters always encourage you to give your expertise and wisdom back to the society and as such, I conducted several Youth leadership programmes in schools for students. 


Now as a DTM, I look back with great sense of satisfaction that I was able to achieve what I longed for. I still remember the words of my mentor “You will become a DTM one day.” Hard work always pays off. This is the key message I would like to leave with you. There is no particular age for learning. All that is required is your undivided passion and unyielding commitment. 


Haroon Ahmed, DTM

Edited by Ossama Embarak, CL, CC.

Toastmaster member 

Fujairah Toastmasters Club Number: 00687847, District 105, Area J36.

Vice President-Public Relationship

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Meeting location and contacts. Entry is FREE! Be our Guest!. Later, join us. Meeting location at Al Faseel, Fujairah, near old Hilton roundabout. Come and observe the platform for improving Communication Skills and Leadership Qualities. 

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Further details can be had from:

Vice-President (Public Relations): Ossama Hashim, CC CL.  Mobile: 056 902 3031 

Vice-President (Membership): Ravichandran Chethanath, CC. Mobile: 050 235 0532 



Fujairah Toastmasters Club Web link:  Find us on FACEBOOK too!  Toastmasters International Website:  “WHERE LEADERS ARE MADE” Keep watching this space for the latest from Fujairah Toastmasters club.


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