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Blueprints for Life Leveraging

TMmay18c jpgBuilding someone main successful life skills need a dynamic and inspiring blueprint where people can feel how valuable they are and train to practice their skills in life scenarios. 


Toastmaster is a life by itself where you live every experience. Your moment should be considered as the most important and crucial period of your lives, where what you do now and what you decide now at your age will determine which way your life shall go. Everybody should have his own life blueprints which should not be interfered or mislead by anybody, but it should be created by yourself and supported by experts. Toastmaster gives that support where you can select and customize your pathway that fits your life goals. These pathways build upon main principals to be proper, solid and sound blueprints. 


Firstly, it formed to make you feel that you count, always feel that you have worth, and always feel that your life has ultimate significance. In other words, it makes you deep belief in your own dignity, your own worth and your own honor to live successful and powerful life. 


Secondly, in each pathway, you have to build the basic successful life principle which force achieve excellence in your various fields of endeavor. Powerful skills are going to be shaped with the days and the years unfold what you will do in life, what your life’s work will be. Once you discover what it will be, set out to do it and to do it well. 


Toastmaster pathways help you to achieve this in a high professional standard. Life is continuous learning moments, it isn’t by size that you win, or you fail, be the best of whatever you are, if you can’t be the sun, then at least be a star in your branch of career. Pathways not only life blueprints, but also a commitment to the eternal principals of discipline, leadership and professional performance. 


Well life is not a crystal stair which impossible to touch, it’s continuous movements with learning experiences. Therefore we must keep moving. No matter your circumstances are, you should keep going, at least if you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl towards your goals but you should keep moving.


Select the Pathway


The Toastmasters Pathways are blueprints for a learning experience, these pathways are split into ten different streams which are:


Motivational Strategies

Presentation Mastery

Leadership Development

Innovative Planning

Visionary Communication

Strategic Relationships

Dynamic Leadership

Persuasive Influence

Effective Coaching

Team Collaboration


Pathways are developed to empower members in five core competencies which are:


Public Speaking 

Interpersonal Communication 

Strategic Leadership 




Human beings have fundamental skills which should be polished. Toastmaster pathways structure building on what you learned in life and took you through different levels in order to master fundamental skills, learning your style, increasing your knowledge, building skills and demonstrating expertise. 


Toastmaster blueprints are continuous and dynamic processes to improve members skills, that’s why Toastmaster is the place WHERE LEADERS ARE MADE

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TM Ossama Embarak, CC, CL.

Toastmaster member 

Fujairah Toastmasters Club Number: 00687847, District 105, Area J36.

Vice President-Public Relationship




Meeting location and contacts. Entry is FREE! Be our Guest! Later, join us.

Meeting location at Al Faseel, Fujairah, near old Hilton roundabout. Come and observe the platform for improving Communication Skills and Leadership Qualities. 

Further details can be had from:

Vice-President (Public Relations): Ossama Hashim, CC CL. Mobile: 056 902 3031 

Vice-President (Membership): Ravichandran Chethanath, CC. Mobile: 050 235 0532 


Fujairah Toastmasters Club Web link: http://687847.toastmastersclubs.orgFind us on FACEBOOK too! Toastmasters International Website: 

Keep watching this space for the latest from Fujairah Toastmasters club.


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