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Expression vs Impression

TMlogo gifIndulgence and evolvement is two paths that invariably crosses ones journey in their self-improvement. A peek in to a new thing that excite us, spark an interest and involvement further with persistence, knowing more, make that person evolved to make an impression, a fit person to leave lasting mark on the domain!


A side interest than what we do for a living might in turn change us entirely to make that new interest our life – what more satisfying than to enjoy and make a living out of it. A deep thinking further on many lives – successful materially, leaving marking impressions on the world showed all those people never did anything with an intention to leave their imprint but they wanted to express what they really thought should be expressed, irrespective of the impression that might make on others having a set of belief prevailing at that point of time.


Should I express or Impress?

From the day my professor admonished me, curtly, correcting me ; Ravi, do not try to impress with all those exclamations, colors and font styles, what is the content? Express please… through out my academic and work life the question hung on me.

The need of packaging, the infinite value assigned to the presentations packaged beautifully over the content and the success of it kept me asking again and again..

Should I express or impress?


A fine balance of content, the truth and objectivity and decorating in such a way to suit the context is sensible and practical, the reason prevailed.  Am in not, then, destroying the originality, discarding many expressions for want of approval?


Chris Gapalakrishnan while leading Unilever came up with the current bulk package Arial/Surf the free flowing, air bubble like detergent powder in bulk pack. Was it washing the clothes better? Is it not the packaging that got it rocket like trend setter? Not entirely true, convenience of handling too was a factor. There is a fine balance.


Well readers, so I thought to express what I felt to find an answer for the question Should I express or impress?, here is a humble attempt to define and explain the  nuances of EXPRESSION AND IMPRESSION in the context and let me remain away from contest while you interpret where to set the balance.


Expression - expressing oneself is deriving the source of action from within, the result of various attribute a person may have, honesty, integrity, dedication, knowledge, faith and so on, and the intensive desire manifests in his actions where his actions are not formed to suit external factors rather it is a natural result that it generated favorable actions toward that expression from the external factors – impressed!


Impression -  

If one’s action or expression is formed to suit the impression it might make, if the source of action and desire is depending on external environment, which in turn make the person to compromise his honesty toward his beliefs, his attributes, then it lack substance, it make him behave like what is called fake – only degree to what extend it is that fake – become questionable.


When you are in Toastmaster club, which allow you to think on your feet clearly, and in concise manner to express with courage and the impression is natural result that is generated through you continuous evolvement of expressing true to yourself. Go out, have the courage to express yourself, we applaud your efforts to express, and we congratulate you for being yourself.


TM Ravichandran Chethanath 

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