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Fujairah Toastmasters - The Mentoring Program

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A mentor is a more experienced member who takes a personal interest in and helps another member. Mentors serve as role models, coaches, and confidantes, offering knowledge, insight, perspective, or wisdom useful to the other member. A mentor can help a new member become familiar with our Fujairah club or can assist a more experienced member in learning special skills. A mentor aims to improve each member effectiveness in terms of confidence development, leadership, decision-making, creativity, stress handling, time management and meetings arrangements. They also provide members with help and practical advice, such as tips on preparing speeches and on club roles and responsibilities. They encourage protégés to grow as leaders and offer them reassurance if they hit a rough patch. Mentoring are found everywhere.  At your job, was there someone who helped you in your career or spoke with you, offering advice and guidance?  In your family or neighborhood, did someone show you how things worked and how to get things done?  How about in school?  Was there a teacher who took a special interest in you and who had an especially positive influence on your life?  Such people were mentors.  We have all had mentors or have been mentors at some time. 


New members are not familiar with our club and the Toastmasters system as a whole.  They don’t know, for example, what a Toastmaster is or what an “ah” counter does.  Everything that happens in our club is new to them.  They don’t even know most of the club members.  In unfamiliar situations, people need support, personal contact and reassurance. That is why at Fujairah Toastmasters Club, we assign every new member a mentor to explain the program to them and show them how to prepare for various meeting roles.  The mentor also helps the new member to prepare for their speeches and give the needed experienced techniques for improvements.  


The new member also has the option of choosing someone to be their mentor, in collaboration with the mentoring team chair.  The new member basically tells who he/she would prefer, and the mentoring team’s chair work to facilitate and make the needed arrangements.     

TMasterJA18b jpgResponsibilities of a Mentor

Various benefits of mentoring which can be summarized in below points.

Explain the various parts of the Toastmasters meeting to the new member (mentee)– such as table topics, project speeches, evaluations, and answer any questions the mentee may have.

Make the mentee aware of club customs and procedures.

Explain how to sign up for meeting roles and encourage them to do so. Also explain the different roles like toastmaster and the general evaluator team (grammarian, “ah” counter, timer, evaluator).  

Discuss roles of club officers and the information they can provide.

Help with the icebreaker and other speeches – help the mentee overcome fears, and get off to a good start.  Offer suggestions for speech organization if necessary.  Also listen to the mentee practice the speech and offer feedback.

Provide positive feedback to the mentee.

Explain the member responsibilities to the mentee. Which is essentially a commitment to helping the club and its members be successful.  


Mentoring is a win-win process where those who serve as mentors also reap a number of rewards.  Mentors get to remain productive and fresh by making use of their skills and knowledge. They learn new perspectives from their mentees and get the satisfaction of helping someone achieve their goals. On the other hand, the club with a good mentoring program has more satisfied members, thereby reducing turnover and retaining more members.


The main function is to help the mentee learn to think and act successfully and independently.  It’s simply guide and offer feedback.  For the mentor/mentee relationship to be successful, the mentor must be:


Available: there must be regular communication between the mentor and mentee.

Patient with the mentee matters.

Sensitive: be tactful and diplomatic, and try to motivate and not frustrate.

Respectful with the mentee.

Flexible: everything doesn’t have to go your way.

Confident and friendly.

A good listener.


The purpose of a mentor is to teach the mentee to think and act independently and successfully. Once mentees have developed to the point where they are functioning effectively on their own, the mentor’s services are no longer needed.  


Toastmaster mentoring is a continuous and dynamic process to improve members skills, that’s why Toastmaster is the place WHERE LEADERS ARE MADE


TM. Ossama Embarak

CC, CL. Toastmaster member 

Fujairah Toastmasters Club Number: 00687847, District 105, Area J36.

Vice President-Public Relationship


Meeting location and contact.

This meeting will take place at our hotel partner

V Hotel Fujairah, Al Faseel Road, Fujairah

Kindly call TM. Ossama Hashim 056-9023031 and TM. Ravi Chethanath 050-2350532.

Entry is FREE! Be our Guest! Come and observe the platform for improving Communication Skills and Leadership Qualities. Later, join us.


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