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Fujairah Toastmasters- Meant To Be

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‘It was meant to be!’ These words of my Club President Mr. Rafi, rang loudly in my ears. 


I wasn’t supposed to go, until the untimely personal commitments of a participant left me with two days to get my travel itinerary in order.  From a relatively uneventful day to 48 hours later, I was on an airplane, with Dad, to Bahrain. Meant to be.


At 2 am we settled into our room and 6 hours later we were at the conference. Enter- Total Newbies. This was our first District Toastmasters Conference. The arrangements were impeccable. In no time, our Registrations were done. My initial thoughts upon receiving my Event Badge- ‘I’m not going home empty handed, at least I’ve got this!’ 

The three days of the Conference, May 17 – 20, 2017, shall forever remain some of the fondest memories. 


I witnessed, first hand, the Toastmasters International’s Motto- ‘Where Leaders Are Made’, in action. A contest chair spoke to Dad in person, to thank him, for being a wonderful audience member- and cheering everyone. A simple unexpected Thank You = Memorable. Dad still mentions the gentleman in conversations. 


I was participating in the ‘Evaluation Speech’ Contest. In this, we listen to a ‘Target Speaker’ and make notes. The general idea is, to highlight the key points in the speech, suggest improvement areas while being encouraging, in 2-3 minutes. All contestants are taken to a separate room where they wait their turn to speak. 


There were 22 of us in the Semi-finals. The atmosphere in that room spoke volumes of the competitive spirit. While the prize may be on everybody’s mind – it wasn’t in the attitude that came across. Contestants, now friends, cracked jokes to lighten the mood and relax the somewhat-frazzled nerves. Some paced the room, most sat on the chairs provided. I sat on the floor. Like I said, no judging. Whenever it was someone’s turn to speak, there was a loud chorus of ‘Good Luck’ followed by a ‘Same to you!’.


Often, I’ve heard, ‘It’s not about winning or losing. It’s about participating.’ The Buffet that had been arranged for us definitely added new meaning to that saying. Vegetarians and Non – Vegetarians were equally delighted. The Venue – Gulf Hotel  Manama– was splendid! Even the authentic Bahraini Halwa was on offer at all times – de-licious.


The Gala Dinner was a looked forward to event. It was an evening to relax and celebrate. Us, Father-Daughter duo dressed for a Ball, courtesy Mum. Now Mum, couldn’t accompany me which was a bummer. However, what I hadn’t forseen was – a huge contingent of Toastmasters from the UAE, cheering me on. Warm hugs and uplifting words were aplenty. Although, Mum’s absence couldn’t be compensated, the sight of all those wonderful people, not counting other Toastmasters too, was heart-warming. 


Three amazing women stuck by me since we first met at the Division Contest, all the way up to celebrating my win (2nd Runner Up in the Evaluation Contest Finals).  I now have three proud Emirati Sisters and I love them. I’m grateful they took me along (read: pushed) to watch Humorous Speech Contest – Arabic! They patiently translated the portions of the speech I didn’t understand. Belly laughs ensued. 


DTAC 2017 meant the opportunity to walk behind the UAE Flag in a Flag ceremony (Bucket List Item – Check!), watching Champion Speakers live and even getting to try the Burga3! The conversations that happened during the refreshment breaks and the friendships that were forged - priceless. 


The army of people who organised and executed this mammoth event, ably led by the outgoing District Director DTM Ali Shahbaz Ali, truly embodied the theme of DTAC 2017, ‘Towards Excellence’. I’m looking forward to DTAC 2018 already.

So why DTAC? Do try and compete. If the chance to attend this conference comes your way, don’t think about cancelling. You’re the audience? Define the applause concept and cheer. In this treasure trove of an experience, you’ll always find something meaningful, Inshallah. Why? Because, it’s meant to be.


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Lagoon Toastmasters Club 


Meeting venue is Clifton International Hotel, Fujairah. Meetings are held at every first and third Tuesday of the month at 7:30 pm.

Entry is FREE! Be our Guest! Come and observe the platform for improving Communication Skills and Leadership Qualities. Later, join us.

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