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Is all about Humour

TMlogo gif“Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but a comedy in long-shout” ~Charlie Chaplin 


Well, let me tell you this….it is really easy to make people cry, yet it is truly and tremendously difficult to make them laugh. Keep in mind with toastmasters nothing is impossible. Hence, there is a misconception regarding the importance of humor in any speech. Speakers believe that only the sentimental elements in speech can create the influence they want on the audience, disregarding the humor elements. These are more effective to connect with the audience with right kind of tips and guidance, everyone will find the precise path of being an outstanding public speaker.


Like we say in Toastmasters, add some spice to your speech. We literally mean to add humor in your speech. Adding humor stories intertwined with some dramatic event makes your speech have an impact as faultless speech because you connect with all types of people in different ways emotionally and spiritually. Another misconception about humor is that it is a gifted talent only unique individuals are blessed with which is not completely true. 


If you think about humor or a standup comedian and where they get their punch lines, funny stories, or creative elements from? The answer is very simple, LIFE. From our simple life, we are human meeting strange people in very strange situations that lead us to laugh a lot. NOT always from strange people, sometimes the closest ones make us laugh too by giving a weird statement or comment. The thing about humor is that it is taking from life and recording, then delivering it in front of public as a form of entertainment.

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Tips for humor 


TMOC16c gifThe most important advice we give to our guest and our speaker is this, “Do Not memorize” this applies especially with your funny lines because you want your audience to connect with you, to do that you need to be truer to yourself and to your audience by doing a natural way. 


Keep a small note with you so you can take it everywhere you go. If you laugh at something, at some kind of statement, situation or comment, then write it down in your note. This is how most of the advance humorous speakers in toastmaster function. You could later make some adjustment, yet it is the same elements that will make people laugh.


Use some props in your humor speech. Effective humor should be visual for the audience and sometimes it helps to enhance your speech by taking it to the next level.


Be simple yet efficient with your funny lines. Sometimes people tend to explain by providing unnecessary information that takes the fun from the lines. Keep it simple.


Your body language is stronger than your words. Use it to make the difference in your speech. Use it to create the impact on your audience. Remember, your body can speak louder. 

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Once again, humor speech can be easily learned if you believe it is not just a talent, it is more like hard work with extra practice for the perfection. Also, you need to have a courage to continuously deliver a humor speech with a different group of audience to see how well your materials to see the impact on the audience.


Sameirah Abdouli MTM 

Vice President-Public Relationship

Fujairah Toastmaster Club


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