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Leadership gives Ultimate Mentoring

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Mentoring is more relationship-based rather than performance-based of experiences, insights and knowledge sharing with the mentee. More specifically, a mentor is an individual with the experience, knowledge, and/or skills of a specific content area who is able, willing, and available to share this information with another individual. 


One of the key tenets of leadership is the need to pass on the knowledge and experience to the others. Most great leaders throughout history have made it a priority to grow and develop other leaders who can come in and take the reins and lead more effectively. A leader is a trusted counselor or guide, a tutor, a coach who cares more about helping others than getting credit. The one who seeks to make the world better through helping individuals and inspiring them to help others. In the context of helping others, a leader seeks to:


Guide: leaders guide other how to learn, how to find ways to do things themselves. So, he should act as a mentor, when you ask him questions, he or she does not give you the answers, but guides you to find the answer yourself. They teach you how to be successful by helping you become self-successful.

Inspire: leaders motivate. They have high optimism and a love for life. Their energy is contagious. As a leader, he mentors people to succeed through their own success and by encouraging others to believe they can also succeed. They set a pattern to follow.

Build: leaders develop others. They provide opportunities and direction. They create structure and process to channel the growth and development of those they lead. Their goals are oriented; not wanting the glory or limelight themselves, they foster the growth and success of others.


In Toastmasters Club, we believe that one of the best practices is to do it yourself by direct and dynamic involving in the leadership activities. The Toastmasters platform provides robust and effective mentoring for its members by the Toastmasters experts and leaders through the following practical activities:


Match the mentor with the mentee: Make sure that the mentor and the mentee have things in common and have shared values, creating mentoring relationships that are more likely to succeed.

Assign the right mentors: People who selected to be a mentor are more likely to put in the time and effort and have the right skills for mentoring. 

Provide support and training for mentors and mentees: Toastmaster mentors should have links with several training sessions prior to taking on mentoring responsibilities. Support must be provided where the mentor or mentee can seek a positive advice or assistance.

Provide feedback: Mentors can share appraisals and progress with the mentee’s, who has a vested interest in progress and development.  

Provide evaluation: Toastmaster leaders and experts provide positive and professional evaluation for mentees through their journey to strengthen their leadership skills and knowledge. 


Toastmaster mentoring is a continuous and dynamic process to improve members skills, that’s why Toastmaster is the place WHERE LEADERS ARE MADE


TM Ossama Embarak, CC, CL.

Toastmaster member 

Fujairah Toastmasters Club Number: 00687847, District 105, Area J36.

Vice President-Public Relationship


Meeting Location and Contact.

Meeting location at Al Faseel, Fujairah, near old Hilton roundabout. 

Kindly call TM. Ossama Hashim 056-9023031 and TM. Ravi Chethanath 050-2350532.

Entry is FREE! Be our Guest! Come and observe the platform for improving Communication Skills and Leadership Qualities. Later, join us.


Further details can be had from: Vice President Public Relations - TM Ossama Hashim Embarak, Mobile: 056-9023031, email:, TM. Ravi Chethanath, Mobile:  050-2350532.


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