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Absolute Adventures: Rock Climbing for Beginners

Wednesday 29th November 2017

AArockclimb1 jpgAbsolute Adventure’s Rock Climbing for Beginners course is a perfect introduction to the sport of climbing.  Even with no prior experience, participants can get out to enjoy a day in the dramatic mountains and wadi’s of Dibba al Baya (Oman). 


The half-day course, set in Wadi Khab Al Shamsi, is designed to take anyone with an interest in the sport and give them a taste for what climbing outdoors is all about. 


Guided by expert staff, the participants will first learn about the equipment used in a day of top rope climbing. From harnesses to ropes and anchors, we provide and cover the use of everything used for the day in order for participants to feel safe and understand the particular uses for each item.  

After getting kitted up with our harnesses and helmets, our guides will then teach everyone to tie themselves into the climbing rope.  Under careful supervision, all participants will learn the figure-8 follow through knot and, practice tying in to keep themselves safe. One more skill to learn before climbing: Belaying or, holding the other end of the rope to ‘catch’ the climber if they’ve fallen.  


In our course we want to make sure participants walk away with a full understanding and so, everyone will learn to and practice belaying with an assisted braking belay device. 


Finally, it’s time to climb! With a variety of routes to choose from, all will be appropriately challenged and typically have multiple turns climbing as well as belaying they’re friends and peers in the course.

At the end of the day, our goal is for everyone to walk away tired and inspired. With so many skills and an exhilarating challenge, this is the perfect course to facilitate those outcomes.


Anyone from age 8 and up can join this trip so, whether with family or a group of friends, get in touch with Absolute Adventure to book your next experience!


For a closer look at what happens throughout the course, take a look at this short video!


Meeting time is 0830/1230 @ the Dibba border crossing. All participants must bring their original passport and provide electronic copies of both their passport and UAE visa to Absolute Adventure at least 3 business days prior to the trip.  


For more information, visit our website: www.adventure.ae and get in touch with Mike@adventure.ae

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